Disclaimer – I am DIY challenged!

But I got it in my head to convert our old, defunct water feature into a succulent planter! And it was so ridiculously simple that I felt I had to share it!

This water feature was here when we moved into our house three years ago and frankly, it’s a giant pain in the ass! 90% of the time, we never even turned it on because it’s a waste of water & electricity! The water was almost always stagnant, it’s had tadpoles in it, and has been a nesting ground for mosquito lava and then about two years ago, the pump packed up and we never bothered to replace it. So it’s pretty much been this random eyesore in our garden and it’s driven me crazy!

Then I had a light bulb moment, let’s turn it into a planter. 

I mean, how hard could it be right? 

Actually not hard at all and it cost me almost nothing to create!

I mentioned in a previous post how my mom had given my a few cuttings from her succulents and I’d stolen some cuttings from my neighbors verges.  Well, these plants are amazing. They require little to no care and they just grow. My few clippings have made millions of babies and I have Rock Roses covering almost every bit of bare sand in my garden. So what started out as a succulent nursery, has turned into a bit of excess and I needed to find something to do with the plants literally overgrowing everywhere!

Because I already had the plants for my planter, all I needed to convert my water feature into a planter was some river sand and potting soil.

What you’ll need:

  • Plants
  • An unused water feature
  • river sand
  • potting soil

I literally created my planter in a matter of minutes! It was was so ridiculously easy!

How To:

  • Drill holes in the base for drainage, if possible. I couldn’t our water feature weights about a ton, so I didn’t make drainage holes, but I did layer a generous amount of river stand in the bases. You’ll need to do this step irrespective of whether or not you have drilled drainage holes. 
  • Top up with potting soil and compost. I bought specific succulent potting soil, but you can really use any kind.
  • Plant
  • Water sparingly

And that’s it!

Seriously, I feel like I just wrote a blog post on how to make a sandwich because that’s how ridiculously simple it is. And now instead of a pointless, defunct eyesore, we have a beautiful succulent planter!

 Imagine how stunning this is going to look when all the plants currently in there have made there 10 million babies and it’s literally overflowing with succulents?

Want to make your own?

Save this pin to your Pinterest account for easy reference!


Next up…

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So what do you think of my converted water feature?