You’re all aware, from the whiny tone of my blog postings over the past couple of weeks that they have been tough, very very tough weeks.

This weekend was the worst! On Friday night little Missy woke up at midnight and stayed awake until just after 02h20, she then fell asleep and woke up again at 04h10 and then didn’t go back to sleep.  Of course, this meant that for the balance of the day on Saturday, when little Missy wasn’t napping, she was unbearably grumpy. I’m talking so grumpy that I had to excuse myself from a lunch date with girlfriends when an elderly couple walked passed and commented on the baby that was making so much noise, I asked to have my lunch as a take away and promptly took little Miss Grumpy home. She screamed bloody murder in the car the entire way home and past out absolutely exhausted when we  got home. She slept so soundly that she didn’t stir when I went into her room and took these photo’s of her sleeping:

Saturday night was no better. We were awake from 1am till 3am and then again from just after 4am. We all managed a little nap at around 7am but still, we were all wasted for Sunday. It had reached a point where Walter was convinced that he was developing PND and that he needed an anti-depressant, my eyes were so red and so watery that I could almost not see out of them. Of course little Missy must have figured out that she’d pushed the boundary a bit far because she was as sweet as sweet could be on Sunday.

All of this just reconfirmed for me that, while some parents are happy to just fall in with their babies routine or lack there of, this simply wasn’t working for us. Also, after reading an article on, I had strongly started to suspect that this night-time waking had now become a bad habit as babies form habits within 3 days. Ava was no longer crying from pain, she was just waking up because it had become a habit to do so.

So on Sunday night I told Walter that it was time to do a bit of top up sleep training. I explained to him what the procedure would be and that it would probably be hell for a few days but that we’d reap the benefits in the long run as we could all go back to having full nights sleep again.

I really just feel that while I love my child with all my heart, I do not have to be a slave to her. And that these night-time wakings were not only detrimental to Walter and I and to our ability to function normally but also to Ava. Thankfully little Missy must have read my mind and known what was coming because she seems to have reverted back to her old sleeping patterns.

Long may it last…