I’m two weeks into my ARV treatment and I won’t lie, I’m not feeling great. I’ve had intermittent nausea daily since starting the meds, I’m tired, a lot and I had random headaches. But on the plus side, I am half way through with the treatment, so I shouldn’t complain too much! Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I’ll get the all clear.

It’s been an exciting week here on this little blog! With lots more exciting things to come! I’ve got a couple of competitions currently running, where you can win some great prizes. I know that blog competitions are a contentious issue amongst bloggers, some love them, some hate. Me, personally, I love them. I am a gift giver by nature and my blog competitions feel very much like an extension of gift giving to me, so I really enjoy doing them, I get a total thrill out of randomly selecting the winners and surprising them with the announcement and so, for as long as brands want to treat my readers to gifts and competitions, I’m going to continue to do them.

I currently have 3 competitions running, check them out here:

Dexter’s #petslimmer journey with a win from Hills Pet’s SA.

A year’s membership to SA’s hottest new smart Health Club – GO Health.

A set of family tickets (2 adults, 2 children) to visit the Ice Age Exhibition in Johannesburg.

Speaking of Ice Age, when I posted my review earlier this week, I got a bit of push back from a member of our community who had attended the event on the opening day, a few days before us, and they had been disappointed in the exhibition for a number of valid reasons. I’m not sure how many of you may have followed that conversation, but I did want to point one thing out to all my blog readers. I will not ever jeapordize my integrity in the eyes of my readers and so my reviews will always be honest and not just because I received something for free. I fairly regularly receive free products or experiences from brands and PR companies, or at the very least invitations to review products or events, but if I don’t feel it fits in with the general ethos of my blog and of who I am as a person, I will decline. In addition, I don’t like writing negative reviews either, being a blogger and being invited to all these events and reviews means that I walk a fine line, a balancing act if you will, between my integrity and my readership and relationship between myself and the PR’s and brands that contact me. I prefer to alienate neither side and so I prefer to rather either decline a review or not write a review if I feel it will be a negative one. If I write that we genuinely liked a product or experience, it’s because we genuinely did. I recently attended an event, with a number of other bloggers, that received rave reviews. My experience was quite different. One of the staff at the event were inexcusably rude to my family and I and we did not enjoy the event, there were a number of reasons for this that I won’t get into now. As a result, I chose to not write a review about it. At the end of the day, this is my space and I will or will not share what I believe is right and appropriate and of interest to my readers. I read this post earlier this week and it really resonated with me in terms of blogging and bloggers integrity, go check it out: I think Kerry hit the nail on the head with THIS piece.

Speaking of all things bloggage, there are some exciting things in store for The Blessed Barrenness over the next few weeks, not least of all, a total blog overhaul and new look and feel. I’m very excited about this. I’ve been working closely with the super talented and ever patient Coral from Charlie Foxtrot Design over the past month coming up with rebranding for my little space on the web and I can’t wait till we go live, in the meantime, here’s a little sneak preview:



I also wanted to thank everyone who commented on this post I wrote about plus size and beauty versus obesity and health. I received a number of tweets, private messages and even emails from people who wanted to discuss the matter further. I really enjoyed the conversation that this piece started because having been clinically obese myself and undergone my transformation in the past year, it’s an issue I’m still struggling to get my head around. I guess my brain is taking some time to catch up with my body and I’m all over the place on this matter.

Have a great weekend everyone. Stay warm, enjoy the time off and whatever you have planned and remember, if you can’t be kind, be quiet, but always choose to be kind! 🙂