I haven’t done a general currently, catch up post in moths and today I’m in the mood to chat, so here goes….

Time is racing on…

How is it June already? In my life, this means a couple of things, it’s almost the middle of winter, which means that we’re almost half way through my least favourite season of the year. I really don’t enjoy winter. And it’s been especially worse, since my weight loss transformation 3 years ago, I really struggle with the cold, I’m cold ALL the time! 

It’s my birthday in a couple of weeks! I’ll be 45 years old. How in the hell is that even possible? In so many ways. I feel exactly the same as I did 10, 15, 20 years ago. Just with a hell of a lot more responsibility and lines all over my face.  I’m not really one to dwell on my age too much, but I won’t lie, I am a little freaked out by the fact that in 5 years, which will pass in the blink of an eye, I will, God willing, be celebrating a half a century!

Just the other day I was thinking about how my age and maturity is influencing some of my choices. From the simplest things, like the skin care I choose, which are way more nourishing and oil based these days, to silly things like what radio station I listen too.. All this came about while zooting around in the Peugeot last weekend, when I discovered, after flipping through all the radio stations that my favourite one was actually Jacaranda, or as I used to call it, Kakaranda! 

Anyway, enough about these depressing musings over my age….

Moving swiftly along to the currently part of this post.

Currently looking forward to…

Our annual family holiday, which is coming up in just 6 short weeks, we’ll be off to Ballito for just over a week and honestly, I can’t wait. We always plan a family holiday around this time of year, the girls are on a longish school holidays but the typical holiday spots are not as ridiculously crowded or as expensive as they are over the December holidays. Add to that, the weather in Ballito is usually fairly mild in July and the last few times we’ve gotten quite a few beach days in. So we’re all really excited. I think this is the first family beach holiday we’re going on where Hannah actually gets the concept and is excited to go to the beach. We’ve booked a beach front apartment and plan on spending 8 days on the beach, taking long walks and just relaxing. 


Currently reading….

I’m in a bit of a dry spell in terms of my reading and I’m not really sure why. I think part of it is time, which seems to be in a gross short supply at the moment. I am reading an AMAZING book, for review, which will be published in SA later this year, it’s a really dark and twisted story and right up my alley!

Currently watching….

The Keepers on Netflix! HOOOOLY HELL!  In keeping with the theme of dark and twisted from my reading habits, my watching habits are rather similar. I love true crime, mystery documentaries and The Keepers has me glued to the screen! Check it out!

Looking forward to….

My next dressage show next weekend! Even though my first show was not great, I’m excited for this one. Not only has my riding improved drastically over the past 6 months, but I’ve also developed a beautiful bond with “my” horse, Tribes. The relationship that has developed between us is very special to me, from how he responds when he first hears my voice and greets me with a nuzzle (even though he accidentally head butted me on the cheek a couple of weeks ago and I literally saw stars) to our rides together, it’s such a great pleasure for me and aside from being incredible exercise, it’s also been amazing for my anxiety. I’d only been riding him for two weeks when we participated in my first show and there wasn’t a relationship between us yet. We understand each other so much more and I’ve learned all his little quirks and what he’s trying to tell me when he does some of his typical things and so I’m excited to see how we perform together next weekend. 

Currently LOVING my camera….

I have a Canon Powershot that has been stuffed away in a cupboard for quite a while. It’s not a fancy DSLR or anything, but it is a pretty decent camera that I almost never used because I only knew how to shoot in auto mode and that really didn’t give me the quality photos I wanted. But I’ve been playing around with it quite a bit and reading up online about the various settings and I’m having SO much fun with it. It’s become my constant companion, I take it everywhere with me! And I can’t believe how much it’s improved the quality of my photography!

Currently nervous and excited about…..

So, you’ll notice two of the villains from PJ Masks in the image of Hannah above. That’s because on Wednesday I’ll be going live with a PJ Masks toy review and there is a hamper of PJ Masks toys to win worth R2000. But before then, myself, Sam and Maz will be doing something a little different. We’ll be going live over on Just Fun Kidz Facebook page tomorrow night at 7:30pm to  talk about the toys. I hope you’ll tune in, we’ll be doing a 3 way live broadcast, which is very innovative and new and promises to be a lot of fun! 

Currently feeling proud of..

The website I designed for Love-A-Bull! Listen, I’m far from any kind of an expert, but I put my WordPress skills to the test and with a bit of hacking and a lot of luck, I managed to give my favourite charity a much more streamlined look with bold, in your face, calls to action. I’d love to hear what you think, check it out:

 And lastly, I’ve been thinking about the kind of content you’d like to read over here on my blog. Got an idea? Or a question you’d like to ask? A topic you’d like to discuss? Leave a comment letting me know what you’d like to see here or what has been your favourite blog post. I’d love to engage with you!