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You guys, life is pretty insane at the moment, I won’t lie, I feel like I’m drowning. I had an EPIC meltdown on Monday night, fueled my exhaustion, stress & wine, where a threw the F-bomb like it weren’t no thang! And my week hasn’t gotten much better.

My car broke down and so I’m currently car pooling with my husband because the quote for the repair is more than we have right now as we eek out an existence in the final stretch of the end of the month salty crack snack. Work is insane. We have a lot going on with our plans to keep Ava back next year. I’ve got two kiddies parties on this weekend, a baby shower to plan and I’m about two weeks behind with my blogging, I have a ton of cool and fun things up for grabs for you guys, if I ever get a moment to catch my breath and actually sit down to write.

So tonight will be a quick catch up.


A lot! I finished my Good Reads challenge for the year, ahead of schedule. I’ve read 50 books and counting so far. A good mix of trash, physiological thrillers and drama’s. I love a book I can lose myself in.

Good Reads 2015 Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Sharon has
completed her goal of reading 50 books in 2015!


Homeland season 5. I watch very little TV, aside from the Rugby World Cup (and I won’t lie, I’m pooping myself for the game on Saturday) if I watch 2 hours of TV a week, it’s a lot. But there are two shows I never miss, Homeland and I’m waiting impatiently for Vikings season 4, coming sometime in 2016. I’m a huge fan of this show, and squealed in delight when I saw the new trailer released at Comic-Con recently! Check it out!

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Proud! Even though I’ve not been running for a while due to injury, I really wanted to run the Soweto Half Marathon on the 1st November. Which was my very first ever half marathon last year. I really want to anniversary that experience, to remind myself of where I started and how far I’ve come. Training time has been extremely limited and so this past weekend, which was literally my last (and only) weekend before the tapering phase of prep should begin, I ran an LSD (long, slow, distance) and I was terrified. It was planned to be around 18km, I haven’t run further than a 10km in months and I’ve barely been running at all because of the plantar fasciitis I’ve been struggling with. But thanks to some amazing friends and cheerleaders, I convinced myself that I could do it and I did!


I really proved to myself once and for all that my mind is incredibly strong and when I believe I can, I do!


About the #FeesMustFall and the national shut down. I don’t feel I’m nearly smart enough to share an informed opinion and I am very conflicted over what I think the solution should be to all of this, South Africa, we are a complex complex country but I will say this, the one thing that has been glaringly obvious to me is how utterly unaware so many of my friends and family are about their privilege, their white privilege. On so many levels I feel enlightened by the thoughts & opinions that have been shared on social media about this topic. I will honestly say, up until a couple of years ago, I too was blissfully unaware of my own white privilege.


To participate in the Thursday evening #blogaddict chats on Twitter. I’ve taken part in two so far and have found them hugely insightful and beneficial. I love the engagement this encourages and the dialogue it opens up among bloggers. I’ve learned a lot and these chats have helped me cement exactly where I stand on so many issues facing bloggers in the fairly new arena of influencer marketing in South Africa.

Looking forward to:

The end of the year. Sad I know, but really work is mad at the moment, life is crazy and I’m in desperate need of some quiet down time.

Also, Ava is in the midst of her assessments with the educational psychologist and I’m itching to hear the results. We had an hour long consult with her yesterday and I was fascinated by her insights, she’s already noted so many things that I hadn’t given much thought to before, most especially Ava’s birth experience (which was unusual) and trauma in her early life. I’m desperate to get the reports and find out what is making my little girl tick.

Also, Ava’s birthday is coming up and I need to pull a rabbit out of a hat for her. With finances on the tight side, I need to create a party for her on a shoestring budget but I’m still looking forward to it, I know so long as she has her closest friends and a cake, she’ll be happy!


I think part of the reason why this time of year is traditionally so tough for me, is not just the insanity of work and social schedules, but also because traditionally this is a time of grief for me.

Yesterday was the two year anniversary of Loveness’s passing. Something I have still not come to terms with. I’m not sure I ever will, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her, miss her and wish she was still here with us.

Last week also marked the 6 year anniversary of my 7th miscarriage, ironically on the 15th October which is also International Infant and Pregnancy loss day. This time 6 years ago, I was battling with dreadful urticaria, which was apparently a physical manifestation of grief and trauma, it’s weird, I’ve come such a long way from that time, but there are still moments when I can’t believe I went through it all and still moments where I can’t believe it’s actually over.

Well that’s it folks! I’m exhausted, I need to go to bed, I have a 4am start tomorrow morning to get in a nice run before work.

What are you currently…. reading, watching , thinking, remembers?






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