Currently – September Musings

I’m just having a little brain break…. so here is a list of my “currently’s”

Reading – NOTHING!

But that’s only because I’m saving myself for this – just less than two week’s to go and I’m counting the days. The original, Me Before You, is one of the best books I have EVER read! If you haven’t read it yet, you simply have to, I insist! And do it now before the sequel releases. I won’t lie, I’m kind of nervous for the author, I’m not sure how you top or add to the beauty and intensity that was Me Before You but still… I can’t wait to read it!

Watching – silkworms grow….

A while ago, Ava’s besties mom so kindly gave her a box layered with silkworm eggs. It was in the middle of winter so we stored the box in the fridge until we saw our local Mulberry tree start to shoot leaves, then we took the box out of the fridge and waited…. having been informed that within 10 days the eggs would start to hatch. After 3 weeks, nothing had happened and I honestly thought we’d dodged a bullet and could chuck the box of eggs and on the day of the planned chucking… the bloody things started hatching much to the amazement and excitement of my girls. On day 1 we had 4 worms, then 10 and now there are simply too many to count and they’re growing so freaking fast. I’ve been dishing them out to friends kids as “gifts” but still I can’t get rid of them fast enough and soon we are going to be overrun.

Writing – a lot.

But not necessarily on my blog. I was fortunate to get some writing work with the new parenting portal that launched yesterday, More4Momz, have a look around, this parenting portal has literally everything you need to know, right there, online, with lots of interesting articles and advice, as well as games and ideas, recipes and downloads for busy parents. Read some of the articles, a number of my favorite blogger peeps are featured.


Driving – a gorgeous, red Opel Mokka!

Lets go home my pretty! #opelmokka

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And I’m loving it. Opel contacted me last week to ask if I’d like to try out the Mokka, which is their first SUV and which launched in March this year. Of course I jumped at the chance and I’m LOVING it. Not only is the car beautiful but it has state of the art technology and I’m going to enjoy zooting around town in “my pretty” – that’s her nickname. I currently drive an old model Toyota Fortuner so this car is quite a change. While much smaller, I was hugely surprised by how spacious and gorgeous the car is on the inside and how much power the 1.4 turbo kicks out. I may actually shed a few tears when I have to give “my pretty” back in a few weeks time!

Doing – not running, that’s what I’m NOT doing.

I’ve had a bout of flu and then a horrendous stomach bug last week that saw me man down for 3 days. I also have cleverly self diagnosed myself with Plantar fasciitis. Oddly it doesn’t hurt when I run, but it is very tender to the point of pain by the end of each day. My heel bone feels bruised and I’ve found that wearing shoes like flip flops seems to aggravate it. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and it’s not getting better. I may very well land up visiting my physio and potentially even a biokineticist to see if I need to have shoe inserts made.

Feeling – worried & overwhelmed.

Nothing new there right? I’m concerned about some decisions we need to make re. Ava’s schooling for next year. With her astigmatism diagnosis and the impact that’s had on her school work, as well as the concentration issues she’s been having, I won’t lie, I’m worried.

And then I’m just mostly overwhelmed … by work… by finding a work life balance… by feelings of frustration. We go into peak trading now at the office, so I’m drowning in an ocean of work and just need to keep swimming and keep my head above water till December.

And lastly ….

Looking forward to – Walter’s company year in function early in October.

As always, they have created a magical event… we are going to Arabella Country Estate and it’s going to be amazing. My girls and I are flying down a few days earlier, wish me luck with that, I don’t love flying and now I’ll be doing it alone with both girls…. nerves of steal and the patience of Job I tell you but we get to spend a few days catching up with family and friends before the girls stay on for a long weekend with Granny and Grandpa and Walter and I get to enjoy an entire weekend at Arabella. I really can’t wait, I am so looking forward to it!

Go and heck out that new website, it really is fantastic!

Have a great day!





  • Yolandie

    September 16, 2015 at 11:02 am

    Hi Sharon

    I came across your blog when I decided to join the many banters out there. I really enjoyed your blog. I am in my 7th week with a loss of 7.5kg. I have so much to loose and am so happy with the out come. I don’t feel deprived at all. Before banting I was eating salads three to four times a week and exercising six days a week with no weightloss. I was so discouraged and felt like a failure. I am super excited know and can’t wait for the end result and keep reminding myself that Rome was not build in one day. The only problem I have is constipation. I have always battled and so far nothing has changed. What can I do to change this? I have tried using Physillium Husk for a few days and it worked for a day or two then nothing. I don’t want to jeopordise my progress by using things I shouldn’t. Thank you so much for an inspiring blog and good luck.

    Many Thanks

  • catjuggles

    September 16, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    Oh his year end functions are always so wonderful! Enjoy! I am also rather impatiently waiting for “After you” – and not sure how on earth you can top the original. But please go and read my blog of yesterday- some book reviews, one of them being a Jojo book. Thinking of you with the Ava stuff – you know you can shout – we have been through a lot of that type of things. (eyes, concentration etc.)


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