And three dividing embryo’s is what we have so far with another possible four! We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’m still a little confused as to why the lab chose to thaw all my embryo’s as they were frozen separatley for two FET attempts but I guess there’s nothing that can be done about that now. So as of 7am all 7 had survived the thaw and 3 had shown division…

As for the Intralpids, well that was not so much fun as usual, I seem to leave my veins behind each time, so the IV set up went something like this:

  • Blood pressure cuff on left arm – pump left hand – flick and slap left arm and left hand – push & rub down hard on left wrist – left hand turns purple and starts to cramp – release blood pressure cuff.
  • Put blood pressure cuff over right arm – pump right hand – flick & slap right arm and hand – push & rub down hard on right wrist – success – a vein in the bend of arm – prepare area – insert needle – husband gets pale and almost passes out – nurse says – Oh dear, the vein is going to blow – quickly remove needle – apply pressure – lift pressure – little blood spurt – apply more pressure – plaster.
  • Remove blood pressure cuff – move back to left arm – pump left hand – flick and slap left arm and left hand – pump & rub down hard on left wrist – find vein in top of hand – more flicking & pumping  and finally SUCCESS!

Of course by this stage I was feeling VERY sorry for myself, so I had great big crocodile tears rolling down them cheeks.. Within 10 minutes the drip had to be turned down because it was running so fast it was cause the bones in my arm to pain. Thankfully my blood pressure stayed well with in the low range the entire time and I was good to go after about 4 hours. For now, the only effects I’m feeling are the usual Intralipid headache and that achy bone sensation, nothing that a little rest can’t fix so I’m off to hop into bed for an afternoon nap.

So one major hurdle crossed, now if all those embryo’s can just keep going till tomorrow when they will be returned to the mother ship!