I’ve been thinking a lot about what I shared yesterday. How people’s words, no matter how flippant or harmless, have the power to build us up or break us down. 

So my sweet little girls, here are 66 things I want you to know!


I want you to know….

You are more…

  1. More compassionate
  2. More intelligent
  3. More beautiful
  4. More cherished
  5. More longed for
  6. More loved
  7. More admired
  8. More revered

Than you will ever know. Be proud. Don’t let other people’s hang up’s and insecurities dictate how you see, identify and hear yourself.

Carve your own path.

Be free. 

Be the best you can be.

Live a life worthy of respect.

Be compassionate.

Be kind.

But be true to yourself.

And you will be everything that you need you to be!

Dislaimer - the image does not belong to me, it was sent to me by Ava's school teacher so I don't know who to credit. But feel free to use the sentiment!