You should be careful what you post online. Everything you say can and will be traced back to you. Don’t ever think the internet gives you anonymity. It doesn’t! If you are indeed Mr Chris Scovitch of Maryland in the US (yes, I found out lots of information about you just by searching on your IP Address)? Or just some coward who chose that name to sprout your hate speech. Although, I think not, as the email address you posted with is the same email address that appears with all your information all over the web! And I have emailed you, repeatedly, requesting you explain your hateful comment and you have declined (coward?) to do so!

You can’t come onto MY blog, MY little place on the web and sprout hate speech and refer to my children as “half breeds”. You, sir, are an ignorant, racist and clearly living in the wrong century with your hateful belief system.  If you feel so strongly inclined to share your hateful opinions then perhaps you should start your own blog!

Here is what Mr Chri Scovitch left so kindly on my blog:

your only creating a time-bomb relationship. sooner or later the black feels that the white is slaving them out. and the black doesn’t have the patience to stay with the white so they go look for another white to sexually take care of them ,but they are getting themselves right back to where they started, and the half breed child or children they have produced suffer and ask questions , daddy or mommy , what am I? black or white .It’s very embarrassing to answer.It works on all the conscience………..

I’ll spare you the embarrassment of sharing all the information I have found about you and take that conversation offline with you directly.

I hope you have learned a lesson Mr Scovitch, in future, be careful what you post online!