Dear Dad… On Your 70th Birthday

Dear Dad,

I wanted to tell you what an honor and a privilege it was to spend the weekend of your 70th birthday with you. I’m reminded, by many of those who surround me on a daily basis, how blessed and fortunate I am to not only have YOU as my Dad but to still have YOU. So many friends lost their dad’s or had absent dad’s and I got the very best Dad in the world. This time spent with you, mom, my brother and my family over the past weekend was incredibly special to me and reminded me again of how precious time is and not only how special you are to me, but it was also a time of reflection on what an amazing father you have been.

Dad 70

Firm but always fair, your unfailing support throughout my life has helped shape me into who I am today. Throughout my successes and my failures and some of the dumbest decisions a girl could make, I always knew I could count on your support, even when you didn’t agree with the choices and decisions I made, you still supported me and now, as a parent myself, that means so very much to me, I have a new found respect and appreciation for how you chose to parent me, firmly and fairly but still allowing me to fall down and to fly on my own.

You’re a Dad in a million and I am very proud for the privilege of calling your father, I love telling people stories about you, I love the surprised look on their faces & their curiosity when I share some information about you. How you were one of the founding members of Muizenburg’s first surf club and how you surfed up until just a few years ago. The times we spend down at the beach as kids, you surfing and teaching us to boogie board and windsurf. How you built up a successful business from nothing but a bakkie and bathroom scale in the garage. How you have a great love of vintage motorbikes, their restoration and riding them. I am proud to not only have the most amazing Dad, but the coolest Dad too!

Thank you for your time Dad! Thank you for being present in my life and always available to me, when I’m in trouble or need help, I have great comfort knowing that you are just a phone call away and that no matter what, you will be there for me, you will help me. I don’t know what I’ll do without you Dad.

Dad 71 0


You are not just an amazing Dad, but you’re an amazing husband to Mom too. You have been a shining example of a husband who loves his wife, for 45 years. What an amazing achievement, what a sign of your strength, dedication and commitment. Thank you Dad for giving my brother and I that gift. It truly is a beautiful gift to have grown up with and always gave me a deep seated sense of security.

Thank you Dad for being such an amazing Grandpa. My girls love and adore you. I love seeing you with them. I love when they get to spend time with you. I love how they bring out the softness in you. How patient you are with them. I love how much you love them, I love how you treat them as an extension of me, I love that I know that every privilege I have with you as my Dad extends to my girls too. Dad 70 1

I hope you had a very special birthday Dad and that you will be around for many many more. We love you, I love you. We miss you. Stay cool!

Dad Birthday Cake


Family photography by Catherine Scott Photography


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