Dear *I*

I just had a chat with Auntie W and I am reminded once again what a beautiful woman you are, both inside and out.  I had to hold back my tears while chatting with Auntie W, tears of joy and tears of pride to have my life  linked to yours, what a privilege and an honour that is.

I can feel your strength and your spirit with me every single day. There is not a moment in any day that you are not on my mind. I love you in ways that I can never fully express and in ways that I’m sure very few others could ever fully understand.

Even though we only got to spend a few hours together, I miss you.  You are so right, Ava is the heartbeat of our family. She is loved in ways that none of us could ever have anticipated. You have every right to be proud of her, she’s one seriously smart little girl and she also has your amazing spirit, you can see it shining through in her beautiful, soulful eyes.




I am so happy that you approve of our decision to give Ava a sibling, she will make an amazing big sister one day.

I know I sound like a broken record, but there are no words that could ever fully express just what your choice to place Ava with us has meant to us as a family. We showed Ava some of the photo’s taken of the day she was born, of you holding her, she was really in awe of the fact that this was the lady who’s tummy she came out of as we have always explained to her that she grew inside my heart.  The older she gets, the more she wants to know about babies in ladies tummies and she was spellbound when she saw your photo’s, its like she knows or understands on some deeper level. She is a wise soul and I believe she already knows and understands her adoption, without being old enough to verbalise it, there is wisdom in her eyes that reveals the depth of her understanding.

We love you deeply, today, tomorrow and for always.

Until we meet again…