Clearly your toys, created for children, are not designed with the safety or sanity of parents in mind.

See exhibit A:

Barbie Guitar
Due to, what I can only assume was a moment of complete grey matter failure, where all the motor nuerons in my husbands brain ceased to transmit warning messages to him and his brain stopped functioning all together, he agreed to purchase exhibit A, as seen above for our darling, Barbie mad princess.
I have never in my life had such an adverse reaction to ANY toy my child has ever owned, from the annoying Winnie The Pooh dialogue that came standard with her walker, to the irritating crashes and bangs of her drum and tambourine or the foghorn loud vuvuzela she loves to blow.
To make matters worse, the entire guitar must be covered in some secretly addictive substance that has resulted in her being unable to put the guitar down or leave it alone from the time of my husbands brain malfunction where he stood in the ridiculously long queue at Toys R Us, surrounded by other harassed parents and tantrumy children and then willingly handing over his credit card and made this ridiculous purchase!
If I have to hear the song – I’m A Barbie Girl one more time, I may, myself have a complete mental break down which will result in my lying in the corner of a padded cell sucking my thumb and rocking back & fourth in the fetal position while wearing senile nappies!
It’s bad enough that this toy has increased my tolerance for violence. Last night I secretly conspired to beat my husband to death using Exhibit A as a weapon after our princess had gone to sleep! But I’ve also taken to acts of cruelty towards my princess, each time she puts the guitar down to use the bathroom, eat or drink, I have tried to come up with creative ways of hiding it from her. Whether it be shoved under her bed or hidden under a mound of pillows on the couch. But somehow she is always drawn to it and finds it within minutes! I’ve already started fantasizing about when the batteries run flat and I can tell her it’s broken and toss it in the trash!
What I found most surprising was while looking for a suitable image to use for this blog posting, I came across thousands and thousands of favorable reviews for it! What is wrong with these parents? Have they been driven so insane by this I’m-a-bloody-Barbie-girl-guitar that they’ve lost touch with reality and their motor neuron’s have stopped transmitting altogether? Or have they just been rendered clinically deaf by the incessant noise???
And if you don’t believe me…. well, I’ll just let the video speak for itself!
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 Image courtesy of Kaboodle.