Please, I’m begging you, with all the advancements that have been made with modern medicine, surely, surely there must be away to convert liquid antibiotics into a suppository or even better, manufacture them in such a way that they look and taste like chocolate?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Desperate Mother!

Yesterday was not a great day. We started the morning at around 1am to the sounds of hysterical crying from Ava’s room and shouts of how she had “spitted”.  In a sleep daze, we stumbled down the passage and were assaulted by the stench of sour milk and vomit before we’d even opened her bedroom door.

The day got progressively worse. I landed up working from home so that I could ferry Ava to the Dr and take care of her as she only wants me when she’s sick and screams at both Walter and Loveness to get away from her. The Dr confirmed what I had suspected, a severe throat and sinus infection that was causing a post nasal drip bad enough to make her vomit. He prescribed antibiotics for her and sent us on our way.

Because of the 12+ rounds of Tonsillitis Ava battled between the ages of 9 months and 2 years, prior to her tonsils being removed, she has now developed a strong aversion to antibiotics and Dr’s in general so I knew we were in for a battle. To make matters worse, the antibiotic the Dr prescribed has to be taken twice daily and in 10ml doses each time, that is a really large dose!

Round one of the administrations went to me and left me sweating and cursing and Ava covered in snot and vomit. She has developed a skill for making herself vomit when she doesn’t want to take her medicine.

Walter and I had a discussion about it and took to google to come up with ways to get her to take the all important antibiotics.

Here are a few of the things we tried:

  • Holding her down and forcing it in, which results in spitting, vomiting, crying (both her and I) and doesn’t get us anywhere, even using a syringe does not work.
  • Bribery – Walter bought a stash of bribery at Woolies yesterday, cool fairy tins filled with sweets, coloured pens etc. Yeah, she’s stubborn and while she wanted the bribery desperately, was not willing to bend to our will in order to receive the bribe.
  • Spanking – this is something we never do and won’t do again. It does nothing but escalate her behaviour.
  • Gifts – Ava got a huge stash of pressies at her party on Sunday, so many in fact that she became quite overwhelmed by them all and we’ve packed half of them away for her to open tomorrow morning. I’ve even tried taking gifts out of the cupboard and offering to allow her to open if on condition she takes her AB’s. But it’s a not go, she simply will not bend.
  • Mixing the AB’s with yoghurt – which she then refuses to eat.
  • Threatening to not allow her to go to school today – this resulted in much wailing and begging and just as I was leaving this morning, sans Ava, she began heart-wrenching sobbing which really made me feel very guilty and when Loveness picked her up to soothe her, Loveness asked me, with big tears in her eyes: “Sharon, please forgive her?” How could I not, so after a change of clothes, off we went to holiday club.

I’m dreading this evening when we have to repeat this entire process again! This morning took an hour to get only half the dose in which she then promptly vomited up!

I need help! Please, somebody give me THE ANSWER!??? We’ve literally tried everything and nothing works, short of giving is as a suppository, which probably won’t work, or taking her to hospital and having it given in a drip infusion, I don’t know what to do any more.

This morning I eventually had to just walk away. The only thing that made me feel better and relieved some of my frustration was leaving Ava with Loveness, going into my bedroom, closing the door and then standing in the bathroom and slamming the door with all of my might so that it made a loud crashing sound while I screamed out my frustration and repeating the exercise five times.