Dear Santa, I’ve been a really good girl…

Well not always but anyway…

So Santa Aka Walter, this is what’s on my Christmas list:

A ghd Gold Classic styler!

My hair has grown a lot in the last year and has been styled into a rather gorgeous cropped bob. This ghd Gold Classic styler would be perfect for keeping my hair looking gorgeous and just the way you like it Santa!

A Nespresso Machine!
Because Santa, both you and I are coffee snobs! We don’t like instant coffee and have always enjoyed drinking copious amounts of coffee together! Our old coffee machine is on it’s last legs and this would be the perfect replacement.
Nespresso U Automatic Espresso Machine
Because you’ve already asked if those gifts are under R500 bucks, I thought I’d add a couple of “cheapies” too.
So here goes:
A Benjamin Barrios Moleskine!
Just because it’s gorgeous and I spend many hours visiting clients and making notes and these would just be gorgeous!
Benjamin Barrios
An Owl Kindle Skin!
I know you hate my Kindle but it’s become my piece of technology, I get to read trashy novels by the hundreds with just the click of a button and spend hours lovingly holding my dear Kindle. And this would be a perfect way to combine two of my favourite things… My Kindle and owls!
Owl Kindle Skin
An Iron Fist T-Shirt!
Specifically this design… I love love love it!
Perfume would also be great! My granny always taught a real lady never smokes while she walks in the street and she never ever wears cheap perfume!
Thanks Santa, I look forward to a stocking stuffed with goodies!



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