Hannah had a big weekend! On Friday she started elbow crawling and by Saturday she was figuring out that it was easier to crawl when she was doing it on her hands and knees. She’s still trying to get the hand of the co-ordination but has started crawling a few paces before dropping back down onto her stomach and rolling. The look on her face is priceless, she knows she’s a clever girl and is oh so proud of herself.

photo 1

On Friday night, my “dentally challenged” baby surprised us with her first tooth too! I was thrilled to note that she’d cut her tooth without any symptoms, no crying or interruptions in her sleep and eating patterns.

Once again, I’m just astounded at how different my children are. Ava really struggled with her first two teeth, which she only cut at around 9 months old, after about 2 weeks of snot and trane and NO sleep! She cut the remainder of her teeth with no symptoms and no problems. I hope we continue to be as lucky with Hannah!

Ava was slow to get mobile, she was always the type of baby who was happy to sit and play quietly with her toys but not Hannah. Oh no, Hannah needs to be part of the action all the time, I’m sure this is a second child thing and so she’s been trying to crawl for a couple of weeks now and this weekend she got it right. Of course along with the crawling has come the pulling up. We’ve had to disable to the sensor mat in her cot because she moves around so much and is now trying to pull herself up against everything, her cot, in the bath, doesn’t matter where she is, if she can get a grip on something to pull up, she’ll give it a try.

Weaning is also much easier this time around. After the ongoing battles with food we’re still having with Ava, I prayed for my second child to be an eater and Hannah is more than happy to comply. She’s pretty much eating everything now, except nuts and honey and has started eating textured foods as well. She loves to snack on a bowl of peas and corn or chopped strawberries and seems to be really adept at feeding herself. This weekend we introduced fish into her diet and she loved it.

The time seems to be passing so much faster the second time around too, I think this is also because I know it’s the last baby I’ll ever have and I really want to slow her development down and keep her a baby for long.

I still have to pinch myself. I can’t believe I am blessed with two perfect and beautiful little girls. I have been blessed with so much more than I ever could have imagined for myself!

photo 2