I’m 9dp5trf (9 days past a 5 day transfer)! That in itself is incredible, I’ve never lasted that long without bleeding! AF has always arrived between 5 – 7 days past transfer. But this cycle is different and I’m in utter disbelief.

I’ll let the photo’s do the talking (not the greatest quality as my camera is still in for repairs):





I’ve been having the same results since 5dp5trf but because of the huge mistrust I have in home tests I’ve been retesting every day. I’m totally torn between doing an early beta and waiting till my scheduled test date on the 13th October when I’ll be 14dp5trf. My issue is that because of my high number of chemical pregnancies, I’m afraid to test early and get a low beta, then I’ll spend the next 48 hours frantically worrying whether the pregnancy is viable or not. I’d rather wait it out, as much as the waiting is killing me, and get a decent beta count when I do test at 14dp5trf. If I am, in fact, pregnant and the home tests aren’t wrong.

Right now it feels like I’m living in some kind of surreal dream world…………….