Boy, what a weekend, I’m really glad to have it behind me. The chaos started on Friday night and lasted until around lunch time yesterday. My SIL came to stay for the weekend, with her 5 year old and her 11 month old. The entire weekend was spent listening to whining and crying as the 11 month old is cutting his two front teeth and of course the 5 year old is typically like any 5 year old boy, noisy and boisterous. I sat and watched in dismay as my couches were jumped on, cushions thrown, sticky fingers made little smudges all over the coffee table. Weekend morning lie in’s were interrupted with jumping on the bed, noise, noise, noise. Bottles dribbling formula on my wood floors, stinky baby nappies and little boy smelly farts. Skid marks in underpants Cartoon Network. Plates got broken, crying, crying crying, comforting, snot entangled in my hair………………..

At the end of it all I could think was, do I really want this?????????????????? Am I putting myself through physical and emotional hell for this???????????????

But then I saw this and my heart melted and I realized I guess I do want smelly baby nappies, sticky fingers all over my nice things, snot in my hair, wiping skid marks out of under pants, being woken at sparrows fart with little bodies jumping on the bed etc etc etc………….