Santa Shoebox

I know you’ve probably seen a number of blog posts about the awesome work that Santa Shoebox does each year, but this is a cause that is very close to my heart and I wanted to lend my voice and ask all of you to pledge a box (or two or three or four) for this very worthy cause.

Santa Shoebox Pictures
For the last few years Walter and I have participated and it’s been great fun but even more than that, it’s felt so good knowing that we were doing something small that would bring the magic of Christmas to a child in need.

Each time I read the requirements of the box I’m touched by the very basic needs of these children, seemingly simple things that you and I take fore-ranted, these children are getting for Christmas:

  • Tooth paste and tooth brush
  • Wash cloth and a bar of soap
  • An outfit of clothing
  • Something educational / for school
  • A toy
  • Some sweets
  • And of course anything extra you choose to include

It’s not just the contents of the box that are important, but the box itself, these children keep the decorated boxes and use it to store their personal belongings.

This year we have pledged 3 boxes but after reading their plea for teenage boys, we’ve decided to pledge a 4th box for a teenage boy, this is what they said about it:

Who not to forget

Although making a box for a 3 year old girl tags at the heartstrings, it is often our teenagers who are in most need of your act of kindness.

In our experience, the teenage boys are the very last ones to be selected off the website and in reality – they are the ones who have probably had the hardest life and never have received anything like a Santa Shoebox before. Please include them in your selection.

If you would like to pledge a box (or two or three or four) then click here: Pledge A Box

This year the target is 100 000 boxes and my heart smiles each time I check the website and see the number of pledges climbing, this morning there have been over 19 000 pledges and while this is fantastic, it’s still a long way off from the 100 000 target.

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