Do You See A Pattern Here?

Ava is not what I’d call a timid child. She is a very lively, very boisterous child. While she is a girls girl, she also loves to play with boys. The rougher the better. She doesn’t scare easily and is quite a toughie, often to the detriment of her friends who often land up getting slam-dunked/bashed/wrestled with, whether they like it or now.

One of her favourite things is jumping…. on her trampoline, on a jumping castle, on the couch, on her bed, on her father’s crotch, on my stomach, it doesn’t really matter, she just likes being physically active and on the move constantly, she never stands still. Now I know a lot of people say that about their toddlers, but when Ava is observed with a group of children her own age, she is active, noticeably more so than a lot of her peers.

She also loves going to parties and there is a definite pattern I’ve noticed at the parties she attends. While some children are bouncing on the jumping castle, she is literally leaping into the air! Sometimes her antics actually scare me.

Do you see a pattern? All of these pictures were taken in the last year!


Ava Jumpiing 1
Cilla Bloom Ava



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