I swear, I’m not. I may be a new Mom and granted a new mom under extraordinary circumstances, but hysterical is one thing I am not. In fact its the one comment all of my friends have made, how relaxed I am. I’m the complete opposite of a hysterical uptight mother.  So I promise you when I say my baby DOES NOT sleep during the day, I am not exaggerating.

I don’t mean she’s a poor sleep, I mean she does not sleep. At all, not even for a couple of minutes at a time during the day. And again, while I am a new mom, I have tried to, in a very short space of time, educate myself. So I know its not because I am doing something wrong or I’m not doing something I should be doing or …..

So here’s a run down of the things we have tried to get her to sleep:

  1. Sleep Sense, we implemented all the basic principles and for the first 4 weeks it worked like a charm. Putting her in her sleep zone, giving her a “dudu blankie”, playing Majors for Minors Sleep Cd, ensuring the curtains were closed, rocking her gently till she was in a drowsy state, then putting her down to sleep.
  2. We do the Lavendar and Johnson’s Bedtime baths in the evenings
  3. She has a wedge so she’s slightly elevated
  4. She had a bababag & a warm bean bag
  5. We drive around in the car, she only sleeps when the car is in motion, when we stop, she wakes up.
  6. I’ve walked myself stupid, again, she only sleeps while we’re in motion, as soon as I stop, she wakes up.
  7. Swaddling
  8. Not swaddling
  9. Sleeping on her side
  10. Sleeping on her back

Yesterday was EXTRA special, instead of sleeping till around 10-11am and then being awake for the rest of the day, she woke up at 8am and would not go down for the rest of the day, not even the hug-a-bub would work. The chiro did warn me that she could get a whole lot worse before she gets better as her body tries to come to terms with the new normal and I’m really hoping and praying that this is the worse she was referring to. Thank goodness we don’t have the same problem at night, the Bennets see’s to that and of course the fact that W is a hands on Dad and he does half the nighttime feeds does mean that I actually find the nights easier than the days.

This is really exhausting but we have our second session at the chiro today and I’m praying we’ll start getting some relief after that!