For those of you who are not from SA, a dummy is the SA word for a Pacifier and we are free of them! Hooray! And it didn’t take much effort either.

We all hear stories of the hell some parents go through when getting their toddlers to give up their dummies. Stories of late night dashes to the shops trying to find anything that will suffice as a dummy after hours of listening to their inconsolable crying. Of bribery and corruption and trickery to try to convince their little ones to give up their dummies. I have been dreading that!

But it would seem we have dodged one of the many parenting bullets. When cutting her first tooth, Ava-Grace decided that she no longer wanted a dummy. Obviously her gums were too sore at the time, but I wasn’t too worried thinking that her aversion to her dummy would pass once the first tooth had cut.

Fast forward two months and last week I threw out the sterilizing solution and packed away her dummies. She has been dummy free since 8 months and it looks like she won’t be going back as she gets utterly furious if you try to force a dummy on her.

Thankfully, she has figured out how to self soothe without any kind of self soothing substitute.

Other milestones over the past couple of weeks include her first proper word – doggie. Book time is her favorite time and when we “read” books now, when I say to her: “Turn the page” she reaches over and turns the page! šŸ™‚ She has figured out how to blow on her mobile to make it move and it’s too damn cute for words. She is also standing up everywhere, attempting to stand by herself and walking (aided) all over the place and is also attempting to walk unaided… so its only a matter of time now.

I am just LOVING this stage of her development, she is so much fun and really really cute!