Easter Holiday’s…. It’s a wrap!

And not a minute to soon. I went back to work today, after taking last week off to be with the girls. I won’t lie guys, it’s been tough! I’ve found myself repeating my version of the serenity prayer over and over again in my head tonight…

Serenity Prayer

And I’m pretty sure the neighbors must have thought that Walter had finally made true on his threats to trade me in, I’m just not sure the screeching fish wife is quite what any of them expected.

All in all it was a good holiday but I’m glad it’s over. I think my girls are too! I was even excited about packing school lunches this evening. ME! Who hates packing school lunches, I was actually humming and doing a little jig while throwing the lunches together. 

And then it hit me…. I’ve turned into my mother! I remember how she used to stand in her nightgown in the driveway on the first day back at school when I was growing up. As my dad would drive away with us grumpily bundled in the car, she’d yank up her nightgown, start kicking up her legs and doing a crazy dance while singing: hooray, hooray, it’s back to school today! I always thought she was just being mean, but I get it now. I found myself humming that same little ditty while packing the lunches and school bags. 

School hadn’t even started yet and I found myself getting overwhelmed as the deluge of Whatsapp school messages started with a eleventy million reminders… show and tell, tuck day, school reports to be returned, school t-shirts that needed washing and ironing and packing… gah! When I think about all these things, it’s like the school holidays weren’t actually long enough. I need a longer break from all the damn school requirements! 

All in all. We had a great holiday! 

The girls got spoiled by the Easter Bunny!


The Easter Bunny was here damn early this morning! #easter #easterbunny

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We went back to the Easter Playground at Silverstar Casino, the girls loved it THAT much!


Even the stilt walker/balloon artist at Silverstar Casino’s #EasterPlayground was fun!

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We got to hang out with family and friends….


Cousins Easter Egg Hunt! #easter #family

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We went and checked out an AMAZING reading program for kids… I’ll share more details on that with you soon, but my mind was blown!

We went to The Valley Of The Waves at Sun City and spent a day with family just having a blast!

And now I’m ready for the girls to go back to school and normal life to resume. Can I get a whoop whoop!

I hope you all had a fabulous and safe Easter holiday! 




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  • Reply catjuggles

    I get it – totally! We were actually quite ok with the fighting this holiday – what gets to me is that the usual breakfast table fight started first thing this morning! Happy new term

    April 5, 2016 at 1:23 pm
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