Can you read that? Well can ya??

I’m so chuffed, my best ER ever, I never woke up once, I didn’t require a cathetar and I slept for a further hour wen we got back into the ward. And of course the best news of all, the big egg haul! Clearly the Menopur/Cetrotide protocol agreed with me as this is my biggest egg haul ever! On my first IVF we got 10 eggs and had 4 empty follicles, on my second IVF we got 8 eggs and two empty follicles, this time around we thought we only had 11 follicles but obviously there were more with a really large egg yield and no empty follicles.

My tummy is feeling a bit bloated and I’m pretty tired, so I’m going to nap now.

Next step – the fertilization report!!!!