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Embracing Technology With My Children & Ava’s Puppy Planet!

There is no doubt our children are growing up in a different era to the one we did. My childhood was filled with bike rides and neighborhood gangs and exploring and swimming. My children are growing up in a far more controlled environment but also, a technologically far more advanced era too.

I mean, I thought my Speak & Spell was the greatest invention ever and then I was floored by the brilliance that was Turtle Bridge and Donkey Kong on the original Nintendo handheld. I still have my Turtle Bridge, I showed it to Ava once and she thought it was the lamest thing she’d ever seen! 

I remember when I a job as a lecturer at a private beauty college in Cape Town. We were required to capture our lecture notes and student reports on a computer. I was about 23 years old and utterly clueless. I had never used a computer before and I really really struggled with it. If it wasn’t for my career change, when I landed up working at an internet service provider, I have no doubt, I would be lost with all the technology that surrounds us today. 

Our kids are technologically advanced.

And instead of fighting it, we’ve decided to embrace it and encourage it in the safest possible way for them. I am a firm believer that it can be an incredible tool, when used in a safe and controlled environment for kids to learn. Ava is obsessed with technology. She wants to use it, understand it, know how it works and how it’s made and she has, for the longest time, wanted her own YouTube channel. 

She’s crazy about YouTube!

She’s been crazy about technology since she was a baby, check this out:

I’m told by a lot of you, this is not unusual at all, it seems most kids want their own channel these days,  she adores all the kids channels on YouTube and has a million ideas for videos she’d like to create, she’s becoming quite the little content queen with all her ideas and features she’d like to do. She has already started filming some videos using my old iPhone. So I’ve decided to give her her own playlist on my YouTube channel for now. So that I can control the content and the comments, because let’s be honest, the internet, and especially YouTube can be brutal, and I’m not ready to expose my 7 year old to that. 

So, she has literally conceptualized and styled this entire thing herself. I just did the filming and the editing. This is her introduction video to Ava’s Puppy Planet.  She chose the name herself as well and there was no dissuading her! Just as a side note. There is a copyright claim on the song Ava danced to half way through this video which means that the video can’t be viewed on a mobile device! 

Are you kids technology crazy? How are you managing their advancements in technology? 




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