A couple of days into the 2ww of my now infamous FET, I posted about how badly the Estraderm was burning my skin. At the time I thought it was just a mild reaction but I’m starting to think that perhaps Estraderm will not be an option for me in future rounds of treatment. Its been a couple of days since my last Estraderm patch was removed and its still causing me sleepless nights.

This pic was taken on Saturday after the last of the Estraderm patches was removed.


On Saturday night the really bad itching and burning started, by Sunday night I did not know what to do with myself and by Monday morning I noticed that the rash had spread down my legs, up onto my chest and anywhere I touched would start to itch and burn and a new welt would develop. By lunchtime on Monday I was going out of my mind from the itching and burning and the welts had started oozing, I was going crazy so I went to my GP and was diagnosed with Urticaria! So this is was my abdomen looks like now:

urtecuraIts a bit difficult to see in this short, but aside from the large, red, scaly, blotches, there is also a fine red rash of little bumps everywhere. My GP treated me with an intravenous infusion of cortizone and antihistamine which in itself was a rather unpleasant experience. My veins have turned to mush from all the blood tests over the past two weeks so it was impossible to get into any of my veins, they just kept collapsing. In the end he had to use a tiny needle into a rather small vein in the top of my hand and allow the infusion to run very very slowly for fear of blowing the vein. I also have cortisone cream to apply and an antihistamine tablet to take for the next week bu to be honest, I’m feeling really uncomfortable, everything makes me itch and burn.

What interests me the most is that Urticaria has 3 main causes:

  • An allergic reaction
  • A physical manifestation of emotional turmoil after a bereavement or loss
  • A sign of symptom of auto immune disease

I will be email my RE today to ask about the above and what the impact could have been on my treatment? I have been tested for Auto Immune Disease and the tests were clear, but I’m wondering if we shouldn’t include treatment for Auto Immune Disease in future rounds of treatment, just for good measure.

While there was a chance that I was going to get a baby out of this, I was prepared to suffer along, to deal with the sleepless nights of itching and burning and with the inability to sit or life comfortably because of the pain in my butt, but now that its all over I can honestly say it was not worth it but…..

Edited to add – Dr G (God bless him) phoned me shortly after I sent the email to say that its not auto immune related and that I needed a far more radical treatment for the acute stage than what my GP had offered me, so he’s presribed an intense regimen of cortizone for me for the next 3 days, 6 cortizone tabs a day which should ease my intense itching. He says his money is on a combination of allergy and emotional distress!