It shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone who knows me that I’ve been going through a really tough time the last few weeks. What with us losing Loveness, my return to the work place after my maternity leave,  with both Ava & I being so sick and having to do our first after hours rush to the ER with Ava and the past difficult week we’ve had with Hannah, which we finally got an answer to on Friday with a Pneumonia diagnosis (total mommy fail) and a bunch of other stuff that I can’t blog about. It’s been a very tough few week’s and at times I have felt myself slipping and reaching the end of my tether.

With Hannah’s Pneumonia, I’ve just survived a really difficult weekend at home and I’m probably the only person who bounded out of bed and skipped to work this morning when the rest of the country is either on leave or wishing they took leave.

When I arrived at work this morning, as I was booting up my machine, I was both touched, inspired and calmed by a little message I found stuck to my computer screen that I immediately knew could only have come from my work bestie – Chantal!

Everything Is Going To Be Ok

The sticker, I would find out, is from a woman by the name of Elli Garb. She started this totally self funded initiative after she herself had been through a rather rough time a few years ago, this is what she says about why she started this project:

JHBLive: What inspired this project?
EG: Miss Tomfoolery meets vandalism-lite. I was feeling down a few years ago so I decided to indulge myself. I left it stuck up in all the places I went to.
I dig the idea of little bursts of positivity greeting people in unlikely (or overlooked) places. I also really dig free stuff, so right from the start this project had to be self-funded, independent and distributed free of charge.
These days, I’m inspired by the stories I hear about the sticker. Who saw it where, how it made them feel, why it hit the spot, etc.
Often people peel the stickers off because they want one for themselves. I really like that. Other stickers have stayed stuck for ages, growing faded and weathered. I really like that too.
You can read the full article about the initiative here: Everything Is Going To Be Ok
Chantal emailed Elli and received her own stash of positivity to stick up all around Jo’burg and I’m going to do the same today. I also want to leave little notes, in the forms of stickers, that may have an impact on someone else who’s also have a tough day, a little note that may inspire, touch or calm them in the same way my little sticker did for me.
If you’d like to be part of this revolution, you can email Elli too and request your own stickers.
Everything Is Going To Be Ok Sticker