The Kidzworld Mommy Blogger competition has really done my head in!

Anyone that knows me is always surprised by this fact that under all the bravado, I’m still just a very insecure, shy little girl. See my larger than life in real life persona is merely a cover up for my inner child. The child that is so shy she can’t speak to strangers, battles to make friends. The child who was put in a remedial class at school and who’s parents were told to send her to a trade school because she’d never amount to much. The child who believed she was dumb & ugly. The child who took on board every negative thing ever said about her. The child inside me who believed that me as an adult deserved to struggle with infertility and all that went with it because I was somehow unworthy of being a mother.

Peel away the layers of me as an adult and you’ll find that child. And when you look at me with those new eyes, you’ll understand why the Mommy Blogger competition is doing my head in.

I’m not gonna lie. It is an awesome honour to have been nominated but then I go and read all the other nominee’s blogs and I hear my insecure inner child wondering how on earth I got nominated. I’m not clever or funny like some of the other nominees. I’m not popular or the cool kid on the block. I’m just painfully ordinary.

Sure my journey to motherhood may have been a little extraordinary but everything else is fairly typical. I read some of the other clever and funny nominee’s posts about voting and I wonder how on earth I’m going to do the same, how I’m going to convince all of you to vote for me when I’m just so ordinary in comparison?

So all I can do is ask! Please vote for me???? *little girl whiny voice*


Here are all the other amazing, funny and clever nominee’s:
  1. Angela Lord – Autism Homeschooling Blog
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  9. Stacey Vee – Theres a lionheart in my bath tub
Voting closes on the 30th of June. You can vote daily, so head on over and vote for your favourite!