I Fell In Love At Love-A-Bull

If you follow me on social media, or have read my blog for any length of time, you will know that I am a passionate animal lover, but that Pit Bull’s hold a very special place in my heart. 

My family has history with this breed specifically that spans about 16 years. 

For a while now, I have been supporting Love-A-Bull through their sponsorship program, I was sponsoring Sweetie. She has a terrible history, over bred, fought, starved, denied medical treatment, home stitching of horrendous wounds from fighting. There isn’t even enough room in this blog post to detail her injuries and the scarring left from her life of abuse.

She died a few week’s ago. Even with all the love and care she received at Love-A-Bull her body just couldn’t anymore. And I was devastated the day I received that news! Devastated but I decided to reach out to the organization and ask if there was anything else I could do to help. 

So on Sunday, I paid them a visit.

And I met a real life angel, who walks among us. Judy. The founder of Love-A-Bull. And I was blown away but her knowledge of the breed, her commitment to their care and her thoughts on caring for Pit Bulls. 

Love-A-Bull has been around for almost 20 years and is 100% reliant on donations to keep going. They receive no government funding. So they need us to keep all those dogs, almost 75 in total, fed, loved and cared for while they wait for their forever homes.

And there are the most magnificent dogs there!

Every dog there has a story. A horror story. Of neglect, abuse, over breeding, fighting and/or cruelty. And yet the majority of them are sweet and friendly and desperate for a home of their own. I was overwhelmed by their spirit of forgiveness, their willingness to trust and love after suffering so cruelly at the hands of humans. 

So as of yesterday, I am officially running their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

In the hope that we can extend their reach and audience and get suitable homes for these doggies and help Love-A-Bull get the funding they so desperately need and deserve!

Please follow them on Face Book, Twitter and Instagram

This vulnerable breed needs our help & protection!

I had a long chat with Judy about the Pit Bull community within SA. It was fascinating. She schooled me in so many of the issues facing the breed. It’s not just the illegal and inhumane fighting, it’s also the over breeding and cruelty that this breed faces. Judy shared stories with me of how there is this notion out there that Pit Bull’s are tough and must be treated as tough. Some people believe they must be hit, kicked and punched to be disciplined. They must be kept on chains and taught to be mean, they must be starved and beaten into submission and aggression. It broke my heart to hear the stories, so many broken souls, so desperate for a second chance. 

Dogs kept on chains, starved, beaten just because they are Pit Bull’s and “need” to be treated this way!

But the strongest message I took away with me was my own responsibility as a Pit Bull owner.  

As a self proclaimed ambassador for the breed, it’s my responsibility and those of all Pit Bull owners, to change misconceptions. To love and honor our chosen breed, through good socialization, gentle discipline and overall excellence from our dogs. 

The change starts with me. With you, with everyone who owns a Pit Bull.

I got so many licks, kisses and cuddles while I was there and I left feeling that I wanted to do more. That I wanted to be part of the solution. That I wanted to be a true ambassador for the breed. That I want to do everything within my power to help.

So now I’m going to ask you to help to.

And here’s how, it’s so ridiculously easy!

Follow Love-A-Bull on social Media:

Face Book



So that you can help us network the dogs to a larger audience and find all these deserving babies suitable and approved homes,  or simply to find out how you can buy Love-A-Bull merchandise and fun, charity events where you can support Love-A-Bull. 

If you’re looking for a dog, you can adopt one from Love-A-Bull but understand that because of the vulnerability of the breed there is a strict adoption process in place, or you can sponsor a dog, it costs R250 a month and makes a world of difference! 

You can also donate items off the Love-A-Bull wishlist. Judy was telling me, it costs in excess of R22 000 a month to feed the dogs. Food is always their number one most needed item!

Because of the vulnerability of the breed, Love-A-Bull’s location is kept secret, so it was such a privilege to get to spend a couple of hours there on Sunday. 

I really hope you are inspired by Judy’s work to get on board, in any way you can. We need your help! These dogs need our help, they deserve a chance to know a real family, in a real home and to know love, kindness and compassion.

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