soap_boxThe news today is full of pregnancy announcements. First off, a huge big fat big up to Celine Dion. I’m not exactly a fan, but I so respect the fact that she’s been open about her battle with infertility, we need more celebrities like her, they have the ability to change the misconceptions that the general public have about this battle. She struggled for 6 years to have her first son and was only able to conceive with the assistance of a fertility specialist, I’m thinking with a battle that long she probably conceived using IVF. Then this morning I heard the announcement that she’s pregnant with her second child also via the use of fertility treatment. Actually on the radio they announced that she was pregnant via the use of a “frozen ovary” but I’m assuming they meant, a frozen embryo transfer? This got me quite excited, I know I shouldn’t do it, but I look for signs and I took this as a sign. There have been so many pregnancy announcements of late coming from FET’s that I really hope it bodes well for me!

The second pregnancy story in the news just makes me really really angry! I’m sure everyone has read the headline now: Tunisian Woman Expecting TWELVE babies! For starters, they don’t actually state what type of fertility treatment was used, but whatever treatment was used, how completely irresponsible of her Dr! If they did a stimmed IUI why was the treatment not canceled when they discovered so many follicles? Or at least converted to an IVF. If it was from an IVF, then what Dr puts back so many embryo’s??? All that stories like this do is add further sensationalization of fertility treatment. There are already enough people out there lobbying against IVF treatments and there are already countries which have past legislation making it illegal for an RE to put back more than one embryo during an IVF which, in my mind must surely have an impact on the chances of success. Stories like this simply add fuel to the fire and a blanket of irresponsibility gets thrown over all of us undering IVF when in fact the finger of blame should be pointed directly at the irresponsible Dr’s that perfom such treatments without any consideration of the implications of transferring so many embryo’s. It not only infuriates me because all of us under going IVF have to deal with the repercussions of such sensationalization but it saddens me that this couple, who are currently counting there blessings may very well have to face the possibility of loosing some, if not all of their babies due to the complications of such a high multiple pregnancy.

Ok, I’ll be climbing off my soap box now!