There are so many variables with fertility treatment that just to get to the 2ww, one needs to cross through a minefield of pass/fail points. The minefield becomes even more treacherous when one starts doing the real Rolls Royce treatments like IVF, FET , GIFT, ZIFT & the like. This is where you’ll see science in all its glory. But its a scary place, with even the tiniest detail not synchronizing at the right time your cycle will be a bust, you may hit the fail point before even really beginning.

With that in mind, I’m very pleased to have flown through the first pass/fail point without any issues. I had my CD3 scan yesterday which revealed an 18mm Corpus Luteum Cyst and my lining was completely shed and measuring 2.6mm.

I scan again next Monday and will hopefully trigger on Tuesday, if I fly through the next pass/fail point – passing the Estrogen level test and then we start with the REALLY terrifying part of the pass/fail points, waiting to discover if my ice babies will thaw and start to show growth.

So for now, I’m waiting patiently to see if I can pass the next test!