Fierce, Fearless, Fabulous, Forty – Meet Angela

If there is one thing my own life has taught me, it’s that there is no such thing as “happily ever after”. Life is hard and when we overcome one obstacle, we will be faced with another, often times with little time to rest and recuperate before the next challenge or struggle hits us. And I think that is where I have learnt that happiness is a choice.

Much like Michelle, Angela has also learned that happiness is a choice. Her story is also inspiring, through the struggle of infertility, motherhood at age 40 and then losing her husband in a tragic accident when her baby was only 7 months old.

Name & Age

Angela Rea 43

Where can we find you online?

How do you feel now that you’re in your forties?

I feel more settled and accepting of myself. But with that I also do not accept pettiness and judgements from others and stand up for myself more. Everyone has always been “Oh little Ang” (I am 5tf) but I have come back as fierce Ang. Not in a personality change way though but just in a grown woman “don’t mess with me way”.

What has been your greatest achievement since turning forty?

My greatest achievement is definitely having my little boy Elijah Micah Rea when I was 40 years and 4 months. He did not come easy to us but he was worth the years of heartache, loss and waiting.

My second greatest achievement since turning 40 has been being there and staying present for my son. My husband was killed in a helicopter crash on duty while firefighting when my little boy was 7 and half months old, two weeks before I turned 41. 

My third greatest achievement since turning 40 was to carry on breastfeeding after the accident. Breastfeeding did not come that naturally to me but I just felt my son needed that.

Now, as a mature woman, do you have any regrets? Anything you wish you could go back and do differently?

I just wish my husband and I had gotten together in our twenties so we could have had more time together.

If you could talk to your 20 or 30 something self, what would be one piece of advice you’d give yourself.

Always be true to yourself and wear sunscreen. Look after your body and mind and love wholeheartedly. 

What has been one/some of the biggest changes you’ve noticed within yourself since turning forty?

People do not ask me for identification anymore! But seriously, I am calmer and more accepting of things around me, Including my body and face. I was always so petite but I now struggle, but that is all right. I have just learnt to dress better for my shape as I am still petite but very curvy.

What do you still hope to achieve in your forties?

I want to improve my photography skills, be the best mama to Elijah, run my first marathon(I recently did a half and that might have scared me for life), I also want to get back into drawing. 

What advice would you give to women who are fearful about approaching forty?

Don’t be scared. I remember feeling the most content I have ever felt on my fortieth birthday. I had everything, love, family, pregnant, our dream house and financial stability. I really was the happiest I had ever been and was so excited for the future. Most of it came crashing down a few months later but I feel that if I had been younger I would not have been able to cope the way I have. 

What is one of societies stereotypes about women in their forties that you wish you could change?

To be completely honest I do not think there are any stereotypes about women in the forties anymore. We are living longer and longer and I feel that 40 is just the beginning. We can and do anything.

Any parting thoughts or comments?

Live your life to the fullest and love with all your heart.

Thank you Angela for touching and inspiring us with your story.

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