Fierce, Fearless, Fabulous, Forty – Meet Jodene

I’m thrilled to feature Jodene in today’s instalment for Fierce, Fearless, Fabulous, Forty. I’ve interacted with Jo online for a few years now and met her a few times in real life too and I’ve always found her vivacious personality and positive outlook so uplifting and inspiring. 

Meet Jodene

Name and age:

Jodene Shaer and proudly 43 years old

Blog address and social media handles:

@jodenecoza everywhere

How do you feel now that you’re in your forties?

I feel a beautiful combination of passionate and free. It does help that I don’t look forty, feel forty or act forty!













What has been your greatest achievement since turning forty?

I finally published my book, after writing different versions of what I dreamed of writing since I was about twenty years old.

Now, as a mature woman, do you have any regrets? Anything you wish you could go back and do differently?

Mature woman sounds so grown up! I’m not sure if it sounds totally cliche, but now that I have the opportunity to reflect there is nothing I would do differently and really don’t have regrets. The one I do have, I’m embracing in my forties. I have never been a bold single traveller, but this decade of my life has been filled with adventures so far, with so many more to bring to life.

If you could talk to your 20 or 30 something self, what would be one piece of advice you’d give yourself.

“Don’t worry so much about how you think the world sees you and absorb how the world responds to you!”

What has been one/some of the biggest changes you’ve noticed within yourself since turning forty?

One of the first things I did when I turned forty was look at my body, with curves and cellulite and all and I decided to forget about being thin and embrace ageing as healthy and happily as I could. It took a year and a bit, but I slowly turned my focus to an amazing lifestyle and each day I picture myself at 90, eating so healthy, dancing myself into the next day and looking back at how I only learned the value of my body in my forties.

What do you still hope to achieve in your forties?

I want to be one of those forty year olds who finally finds love at this age. Gosh, it was so unusual that they used to make movies about it and I haven’t done love the conventional way in the past, but the older I get, the more I am looking forward to sharing my life with someone. I’m also far from done with my writing, expanding my businesses to more continents and dancing my way into my fifties.

What advice would you give to women who are fearful about approaching forty?

There’s a new level of self worth, self love and self indulgence that kicks in at forty, if you allow it. Do it, embrace it and have fun with a change in self that has the potential to be so empowering and adventurous.

What is one of societies stereotypes about women in their forties that you wish you could change?

That now, I’m forty so I should have achieved this or done that. Especially because I chose not to be a mom this time around, there’s a last minute panic that people have about my later life. Who’s going to look after me when I get old? Am I not going to be lonely and will I not regret my choices. The stereotype of the having to conform and having your forties to catch up, is one that I have had to struggle my way through a bit, but then that forty year old found confidence saves me every time.

Any parting thoughts or comments?

The grey hairs are the only part of forty that have freaked me out a bit, but a good hairdresser and the opportunity to wear any colour hair I like, makes the grey an opportunity to be more bold … more me!

Thank you Jo, your story and your thoughts are truly inspiring, I especially love your body positivity because this is something I still struggle with. 

Are you fierce, fearless, fabulous and in your forties? Would you like to be featured in this series? Then drop me an email!

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