I had my follow up appointment today. The last few days I’ve been feeling ok, I thought I was coming to terms with the failed IVF, I thought I had all my emotions in check, boy was I wrong. From the second I walked into my RE’s office, had him squeeze my arm and ask me how I’m doing I started to blubber, thankfully I managed to get a grip after a few embarrassing moments and spent the rest of the appointment with great big crocodile tears running down my cheeks.

So I guess my prognosis is good. Apparently out of all the patients who had IVF around the same time as us, nobody had the stats that we had, in the words of our RE “nobody came close to touching us in terms of quality and quantity”. So of my 7 embryo’s we grew to day 5, two were transferred and every single one of the remaining 5 compacted and hatched. Apparently this is a very good sign for quality as its uncommon to have every single one hatch. So Dr G says the prognosis is very good.

They went back and had a look at my IVF files from my previous clinic and did a comparison with this IVF now and apparently there simply is no comparison between the quality and quantity of eggs. Dr G says this can be attributed to two major things:

1. The fact that the Hydrosalpingeshas been removed would definitely impact on the quality of my eggs and improve the stimulation of my ovaries

2. The introduction of Intralipids to counter act NKC’s prior to starting the stimming process would also have had an impact on the egg quality.

Dr G believes that conception would be “theraputic” for me. Basically, it would appear that in the past two and a half years, my system has “unlearned” the ability to conceive, getting pregnant using treatment would re-teach my body what it needs  in order to conceive and that should we eventually have a successful pregnancy, no further treatment should be require for future pregnancies. But I guess only time will tell with that.

Dr G also says that in a % of patients their systems simply do not respond well to the artificial environment and that there are patients out there who simply never get pregnant from a fresh IVF but always get pregnant from frozen cycles. So the good news is that they froze our embryo’s on two separate leafs (not sure if that’s correct spelling) so we have enough frozen for two FET’s. We will be doing ‘natural” FET’s which basically means that my system will be allowed to control the cycle, I will be allowed to grow a follicle normally, at 18mm’s the follicle will be triggered, two days past trigger my embryo’s will be thawed and 3 days later they will be transferred. In between, I will have one Intralipid infusion prior to trigger and then after transfer I will have Estrogen injections administered intramuscular every 3 days and Progesterone injections administered daily. Once/IF a pregnancy is confirmed I will then have another Intralipid infusion and continue with the intramuscular injections through the first trimester.

While an FET is much cheaper than a fresh cycle, because of all the additional meds I require, it will still land up cost a pretty packet, around R15K. I’m still not really sure how I feel about the FET’s, on the one hand I’m glad to be able to do two FET’s before doing another fresh cycle, on the other hand, I guess with all the failures, I’m not exactly holding my breath either.

For now, I need to try and get back to some kind of healthy living and saving towards the first FET which I hope to do in May/June.