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I had my follow up appointment today. The last few days I’ve been feeling ok, I thought I was coming to terms with the failed IVF, I thought I had all my emotions in check, boy was I wrong. From the second I walked into my RE’s office, had him squeeze my arm and ask me how I’m doing I started to blubber, thankfully I managed to get a grip after a few embarrassing moments and spent the rest of the appointment with great big crocodile tears running down my cheeks.

So I guess my prognosis is good. Apparently out of all the patients who had IVF around the same time as us, nobody had the stats that we had, in the words of our RE “nobody came close to touching us in terms of quality and quantity”. So of my 7 embryo’s we grew to day 5, two were transferred and every single one of the remaining 5 compacted and hatched. Apparently this is a very good sign for quality as its uncommon to have every single one hatch. So Dr G says the prognosis is very good.

They went back and had a look at my IVF files from my previous clinic and did a comparison with this IVF now and apparently there simply is no comparison between the quality and quantity of eggs. Dr G says this can be attributed to two major things:

1. The fact that the Hydrosalpingeshas been removed would definitely impact on the quality of my eggs and improve the stimulation of my ovaries

2. The introduction of Intralipids to counter act NKC’s prior to starting the stimming process would also have had an impact on the egg quality.

Dr G believes that conception would be “theraputic” for me. Basically, it would appear that in the past two and a half years, my system has “unlearned” the ability to conceive, getting pregnant using treatment would re-teach my body what it needs  in order to conceive and that should we eventually have a successful pregnancy, no further treatment should be require for future pregnancies. But I guess only time will tell with that.

Dr G also says that in a % of patients their systems simply do not respond well to the artificial environment and that there are patients out there who simply never get pregnant from a fresh IVF but always get pregnant from frozen cycles. So the good news is that they froze our embryo’s on two separate leafs (not sure if that’s correct spelling) so we have enough frozen for two FET’s. We will be doing ‘natural” FET’s which basically means that my system will be allowed to control the cycle, I will be allowed to grow a follicle normally, at 18mm’s the follicle will be triggered, two days past trigger my embryo’s will be thawed and 3 days later they will be transferred. In between, I will have one Intralipid infusion prior to trigger and then after transfer I will have Estrogen injections administered intramuscular every 3 days and Progesterone injections administered daily. Once/IF a pregnancy is confirmed I will then have another Intralipid infusion and continue with the intramuscular injections through the first trimester.

While an FET is much cheaper than a fresh cycle, because of all the additional meds I require, it will still land up cost a pretty packet, around R15K. I’m still not really sure how I feel about the FET’s, on the one hand I’m glad to be able to do two FET’s before doing another fresh cycle, on the other hand, I guess with all the failures, I’m not exactly holding my breath either.

For now, I need to try and get back to some kind of healthy living and saving towards the first FET which I hope to do in May/June.

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  • Reply ^WiseGuy^

    Well, Forward Soldier!

    April 3, 2009 at 12:29 pm
  • Reply Adel

    Sounds great Shaz!!

    Maybe your miracle will happen with a FET! I truly hope so.

    April 3, 2009 at 2:26 pm
  • Reply Hela

    Maybe your body is better off controlling the process.I do hope Dr G is a right as he is wise.
    All I know is that I so so hope that you will have your baby within the next year. I can also see why you’re not holding your breath. Totally acceptable.
    I guess the plus side is that you still have those little diamonds!
    Now we just need the healing to progress… but as I said… you just feel and be and deal with it when you can/want/need to. It’s only been a week.


    April 3, 2009 at 2:48 pm
  • Reply Abbey

    Wow Sharon, I know there are alot of woman out there who are jelous of your wonderful stim response and egg qaulity. I trust Dr G, and if he says the prognosis is good then it must be! Holding thumbs for your FET in May.

    April 3, 2009 at 3:01 pm
  • Reply Hollie

    I didn’t put much stock in FET’s either, but TA DA! I wish nothing but the best for you on your FET cycle/s.

    Just something to interject, I say this to be helpful, but my RE said that when you have a degree of OHSS (which I had), even with the hormone supplements, it does something else to the environment that makes it maybe not so friendly to an embryo. So maybe an FET is going to do the trick, it did for us.


    April 3, 2009 at 3:27 pm
  • Reply Amanda

    That sounds really good Sharon, maybe the FET is your ticket, who knows. Hoping and praying for a really good outcome!

    April 3, 2009 at 5:43 pm
  • Reply skrambled

    Now I feel really bad for my ranting over msn when it was POA day.

    But that does sound really good hey! You are gonna have a BFP in 2009 I can feel it!!

    April 3, 2009 at 7:03 pm
  • Reply stacey

    I’m glad your appointment was ok. This is good news for a next step. One day at a time!

    April 3, 2009 at 8:41 pm
  • Reply Lea White

    I’m so glad they have a plan. I’m so glad your doctor sounds positive. But gaining strength does take time and you do need to allow yourself a little time to just get your head around it I believe you will feel positive about the FET when the time is right. And remember the bit I wrote about little Wouter? He was granted a miracle even though his journey remains tough and I believe that when the time is right you will be granted your miracle.

    April 3, 2009 at 9:25 pm
  • Reply Murgdan

    Great…I like the sound of your doctor–and of this post. 😉

    April 3, 2009 at 11:51 pm
  • Reply C

    So glad Dr G has some solutions for you. I really hope this is going to work for you Sharon, it’s your time.

    April 4, 2009 at 9:16 am
  • Reply Michelle

    So glad that Dr G still feels so postively about your cycle and I trust the wonderful man implicitely.
    I like the sound of his plan – it does seem to make sense.

    April 4, 2009 at 10:01 am
  • Reply samcy

    It makes sense Shaz, I mean when one considers that all your pregnancies have been “natural” it leads me to believe that your body will respond to implantation of embryo’s on a more natural treatment cycle.

    Here’s to your BFP in May/June.


    April 4, 2009 at 4:59 pm
  • Reply Annie

    Good luck Sharon – It sounds like you had a very informative appointment and that they have really looked into your file and history to best determine how to progress with your treatment – which is fantastic and so reassuraing which is really what you need right now – it is going to happen!

    I am a really detailed person myself and have all my blood test results dating back to early 2007 along with screeds of questions and answers from numerous appointments etc… It is also interesting to hear how things are done in SA – I am in NZ – tomorrow I do my blood test to see if this round which has been a FET has been successful – at Xmas I had 6 eggs collected, all 6 fertilized, they used 2 at 3 days for transfer and two were frozen, the other two discarded as did not develop quickly enough by day 5 – (I was 39 then and turned 40 in January.) Anyway the Xmas cycle failed but I recently had the two frozen blastocycsts transferred and have had a fully manufactured cycle – have been on estadiol valerate and also those lovely progesterone pessaries – so being that my cycle is manufactured this time round if the process has not been sucessful I won’t actually get my period or start bleeding until I stop the drugs – in some ways I am dreading tomorrows blood test as I have no symptoms or ‘feelings’ either way that it either has or hasn’t worked – I will be sitting at work waiting for the phone to ring… at least at Xmas time I was at home on annual leave and also because I was running under my own steam the bleeding actually started before I had to do the blood test so I knew in advance that it was not so great… Anyway I will keep my fingers crossed for you that one of the mighty frosties does the job in your upcoming cycle! Best wishes Annie.

    April 4, 2009 at 11:43 pm
  • Reply Annie

    Hi there

    Well yesterday was all a bit of a blurr I have to say – I was petrified as to what the result would be from my blood test – The day started in the morning with tears – for fear of a negative result – I left work at 1.30pm to come home to receive the call expecting the worst and ended up bursting into tears yet again when the nurse told me it was a positive result!!! I was SOOOO surprised! Very early days yet though. But at least I know it CAN HAPPEN! I am on drugs until the 12 week as my body doesn’t produce what it should naturally so fingers crossed. I am on the utrogestan pessaries and estradiol valerate 3x a day (2mg tablet). Attached are links for a couple of NZ Sites that might be of interest to you. I started my treatment with Fertility Associates back in 2007, had 3 chlomophine cycles with no result and then after my laparoscopy and finding that I have grade 4 endo (the worst you can have apparently) I had enough points to qualify for public funding so had to switch clinics to Fertility Plus. Both clinics are very good and have very committed and experienced staff – Fertility Associates has a price schedule on their website and Fert+ costs are not too much different. Fertility+ is attached to the Public Hospital whereas FA is a private clinic.

    I really hope all goes well for you next round and that they get the drugs right – I keep records of everything and tend to ask loads of questions – and do far too much reading on the net to then try and interpret everything that I don’t get answers to!

    Buckets of luck!!! I will be watching to see what transpires for you!!!

    April 7, 2009 at 8:34 am
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