Four years ago….

Friday, 4th December 2009, Walter and I were at The Killers concert with our closest friends. Another year of struggle was coming to an end and we’d put our plans for family creation on hold to enjoy the holidays. We’d completed the adoption process and were waiting and we had chosen an egg donor and were ready to try a donor cycle in the new year. It had been tough year, another couple of failed IVF’s under our belts, another miscarriage. We were on a sabbatical, spiritually, emotionally and physical exhausted and ready to have a good time over the Christmas holidays!

The Killers
A selfie from The Killers concert!

We could never have imagined, the following Friday, the 11th December, we’d be hopping on a plane with empty arms and a baby bag, read to meet our birth mother and never imagining that we were two days away from ending our long journey with infertility and about to become parents. That this would be the last time we’d ever travel without an entourage of children, prams, car seats and a ton of luggage. We were SO close!

I saw this video pop up on Face Book today… please watch it…. watching this couples journey was so close to home for me, the empty baby seat, the disbelief, the tears of joy! I remember when we landed in Cape Town our social worker called us and said we needed to start shopping. I was still terrified, I couldn’t believe that after 7 years of bad luck, things were changing. I remember we went to Baby City with my mom, who couldn’t contain her excitement and FINALLY becoming a Granny and she was announcing to everyone there that we were adopting a baby, with tears in her eyes and a quiver in her voice, she was telling everyone who would listen, we were adopting. Before we knew it, we had the attention of the entire Baby City staff compliment as they helped us load up trolley after trolley of baby goods and a pram and a car seat etc. It still brings tears to my eyes, what a magical special time and this video takes me right back to where we were four years ago!