Have begun! Yesterday morning, exactly 48 hours past transfer IT happened! The thing I’ve been dreading! The thing that ALWAYS happens in my 2ww.  I went to the loo and on examining the loo paper found……… brown blood! Frantically ripped more loo paper off the role and checked again, bigger smudge of brown spotting…. hysterically rip more loo paper off the roll, check again… slighter smudge of spotting… sobbing yank more paper off the roll, check again… nothing!

This is how every single on of my IVF’s has ended! The surprising part is that it happened so early, CD20… two days past transfer. Its a record, previously the earliers I’d shown signs of bleeding was 5 days past transfer.

Thankfully I have an easily accessable RE so I was able to send him an SMS and have him call me back. He has assured me that I should not freak out (yeah right)or panic, that its far too early as part of my natural cycle to be bleeding and that its most likely as a result of the difficult transfer.

But now the real torture has begun in earnest. The surreptitious toilet breaks, the close examination of loo paper, the imagined or not imagined cramps……..

God help me!