We had a freakish occurence, or rather accident on Saturday evening, little Ava almost lost two toes and I spent the rest of the evening overcome by guilt and emotionally beating myself up.

She’d had an odd day on Saturday, slept until 08h20 from 7pm the previous evening, and the late rising had thrown her whole routine out. As a result she only took two short naps of about an hour each the entire day and had refused her late afternoon bottle, bucking and writhing from exhaustion, eventually I gave up trying to force her to drink her bottle and put her down to sleep a while. The rest of the day progressed as normal. She her tiny bowl of rice porridge at 17h30, had her bath and played with daddy at 18h00 and by 18h30 she was drinking her last bottle for the day and getting sleepy. She was quite restless on this bottle but she often is when she’s over tired. Walter refuses to giver her this bottle as this is normally when she’s at her most difficult, he calls it rigor mortis, she arches her back, writhes and grabs her ears. So there was nothing out of the ordinary.

At 7pm I put her down to sleep and she dropped off straight away. Oddly at 19h30 she started to cry, Walter went into her room to check on her, he popped her dummy back in and walked out, she started crying again, he went back in and repeated but by the time he’d walked back into the lounge she was yowling. I went into her room to see what was going on and when she saw me, she literally started screaming bloody murder. There were giant tears rolling down her cheeks and she screamed and screamed and screamed. The kind of scream I’ve heard before, the kind of screaming she made when she was held down for 30 minutes while I attempted to not punch a nurse who repeatedly pricked her entire body in an attempt to draw blood when she was jaundiced. So I knew something was wrong.

I immediately picked her up and started trying to comfort her, the harder I tried comforting her, the more she screamed. I put my lips to her forehead but she had no fever, I could feel myself start to panic, I knew something was wrong, but what? I don’t know what made me do it, but I lay her down on her changing mat, turned the lights on and started taking her out of her BabaBag with the intention of undressing her to see if I could see what was causing her such terrible pain. As I removed her from the BabaBag I almost passed out from what I saw…………..

She’s at that age where her feet are in perpetual motion, she’s literally running on the spot constantly. What must have happened is that a loose piece of cotton thread from the inside of the BabaBag got wrapped around her little and second last toes and the more she “ran on the spot” the more they tangled around her toes, to the point where both toes were swollen and distorted and turning black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how I got the cotton off but I did and in seconds she started to calm down and I started to cry. I took Arnica Cream and gently rubbed the two tiny toes till the colour started returning to normal, but the more I rubbed her toes and cried the more she lay there gazing up at me with that beautiful, gummy smile.

Suffice to say…. she will, from now on, be sleeping with socks on, I don’t care how warm it is!!!!!