Fri-Yay… All the yay’s & a meh!

Another week come and gone. It sounds like such a cliché but really where is the time going. Do you know we’ve started our Christmas planning at the office? I actually can’t even….

It’s been a mixed bag week. Some good some bad but first…..

A big shout out and thanks to everyone who left such supportive comments on my post My Big Fat Truth. I really do find that blogging about my battle of the bulge helps to keep me accountable and focused and as of today, I’ve lost 2.2kg’s of the 8kg’s I’ve gained in the past couple of months. So I’m feeling really encouraged and a lot less bloated! J Sometimes we just really need to shock ourselves into action and I think I’d be a lot less discouraged if it weren’t for banting and finally finding an eating plan that actually works. If you’re thinking about banting and want to learn more, why not join the Beginners Online Banting Course, which gives great guidance and tips because it can be very daunting in the beginning and is such a big mind shift.

I also managed to finally get my arse out of bed and participate in a club run this morning. A 5am run is cold peeps! Freezing cold. But I got in a good 6km run and smashed my FitBit 10 000 step target by 08h30 this morning…. go me!

Staying with the weight loss theme, Dexter had his second weigh in yesterday as part of the Hills Pet SA #petslimmer competition and I’m pleased to report that my little fat boy is doing so well. Initially they forecast that he would lose 50g’s per week but my boy is ahead of the curve and is currently losing 100g’s per week, he’s now down a total of 200g’s in two weeks and already we can see a difference. I guess that doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you are so tiny, going from 4.6kg’s to 4.4kg’s is significant. Thanks to everyone who entered the Hills Pet Food storage bin giveaway, the two qualified winners who were closest to guessing his total weight loss to date are Mev, you have one the large bin as your guess was closest at 245g’s and Susann D who guessed 350g’s is the winner of the small food bin, I’ll be in touch with you both shortly to arrange the delivery of your prize.

I’ve not had a great week in terms of PR’s. I’ve been invited to participate in a number of online campaigns where briefs came late or were incomplete and I was lamenting this to my fellow bloggers who alerted me to this awesome #UAEPR, it’s pretty funny and good to know I’m not alone in being jerked around. It really got me thinking about how I want to work with Brands and PR agencies going forward and about being more selective going forward. If I write a review or participate in a campaign, it needs to be because I genuinely in the campaign, product or brand. I can’t/won’t endorse, for example a fast food chain. I was approached by one earlier this week and turned down the opportunity. Sure, I was going to be paid by them and yes, there would have been something cool in it for you my readers and yes, on occasion, I eat fast food and pizza’s etc. But I just feel as not just a parenting, but also a health and lifestyle blogger, it feels unethical for me to endorse such products. That’s like asking Prof Noakes, to endorse Simba chips. I mean, the man is still human and even though everyone likes to give him crap, let’s be honest, I’m sure from time to time, non banting food does pass his lips, but would he endorse such foods? Probably not? Or maybe those foods only pass his lips when he’s being force fed?

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Speaking of being force fed…..

I’ve also been approached by an overseas company to try out some of their products and I have to say kudos to them for the way they’ve been handling me. You see, a large number of their products contain down. Goose down to be exact. Do you know how most manufacturers get Goose down? If you don’t, I’d encourage you to read this article by Gentle World. I was quite shocked. And landed up putting this company through the wringer before agreeing to work with them, even forcing them to send me their Cruelty Free Certificates and using Google translate to translate a large document from Italian to English before I’d agreed to go ahead with them and grilling them repeatedly about Foie gras.

Image Credit: Daily Mail UK

Image Credit: Daily Mail UK

I’m also very excited about a new partnership with Sorbet Fourways. But more on that to follow in the week’s ahead, I am however very excited about this new journey and what it could mean for both myself and you my dear readers.

On that note, wishing you all a fabulous weekend and remember…..




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