Fri-Yay – Lesson’s In Mindfulness

First off, big shout out and congrats to Sonia, who won the Sorbet Fourways Grande Facial valued at R685 which also includes two Sorbet products!

Congrats @bantingsoo! You are the @sorbet_fourways Grande Facial winner! Check your email for deets!

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Thanks to everyone who entered. If you aren’t the lucky winner, don’t despair, Belinda over at Making Mountains has a little Sorbet Fourways gift for you too, get the details here: ME TIME with Sorbet Fourways. I can’t wait for my next facial with Sorbet Fourways, I’ve been using the Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm around my eyes since my last facial and it’s been amazing. It’s probably the best eye treatment I have ever used and I’ve already ear marked it for purchase when I visit Sorbet Fourways for my next appointment. After just two weeks, the texture of the skin around my eyes seems smoother and the puffiness seems less!

After my post yesterday, I’ve really thought a lot about how I react to things that are said to me, because often they are said completely innocently and I have this terrible habit of internalizing everything and turning it into negative statements about myself. This was a prime example of that. How I could turn a statement about training into me being sh*t is logically ridiculous and something I need to be more mindful of. I’m so very much more aware of how I do this in every area of my life. Someone disagrees with a parenting choice I’ve made, it’s because I’m a terrible mother – this was never more clear than when my children were younger and the “breast is best” brigade would constantly have me feeling like I was a terrible mom because I couldn’t breast feed my children. At work I do this too, if something goes wrong, it’s because I’m stupid. I really need to be more mindful of my internal dialogue and stop turning all of these statements into my truths and then turning them into something negative about me! I also want to thank everyone who reached out and gave tips on how to cope with Ava’s hair in my post Hair Razing. I took some of your advice and did a coconut oil mask on Ava’s hair last night before washing it. I also went out and invested in a selection of wide toothed combs and have banned the brush. After washing her hair last night, while the conditioner was still in, I combed it through with the wide toothed comb and then left it to dry. This morning her hair looks beautiful and instead of brushing it, or even combing it for that matter, I used my fingers to detangle any obvious knots and just left it. I’ll let you know what other tips I get that seem to work for thick, frizzy, bushy, curly hair!

@clayjargirl @rumtumtiggs I took your advice… Coconut oil currently in Ava’s hair….

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@clayjargirl @rumtumtiggs I took your advice… Coconut oil currently in Ava’s hair….

A photo posted by Sharon (@blessedbarrenness) on

  Next week I’ve got an awesome give away lined up for Monday. Have a great weekend everyone, stay warm, be blessed and remember to be mindful!




  • Sian

    July 17, 2015 at 10:25 am

    I hear you on the topic of Mind fullness! I have terrible internal dialogue at the moment and I am very hard on myself. For example……Business not doing well = I’m a failure.


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