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Looking For A New School For Your Child? Future Nation Schools Could Be What You’re Looking For

Choosing the right school for your child is so stressful. It’s about so much more than placements, catchment areas, deposits & entry exams. It’s about finding the right fit for your child.

Future Nation Schools Could Be Just For You

They piqued my interest when I viewed their extra mural actives, check this out:

  • Participation at the preschool and primary level: Choice is not as important as in high school, as the child’s development goals are around social and individual integration rather than self-identification and expression. Hence the principle at this level is participation over specialization

  • Sport, Music, ArtTheatre in various forms will be provided, with the emphasis on participation for all. From Intermediate phase, those students showing specific talent in a particular sport or cultural activity can be directed to individual coaching as an add-on

  • We will introduce e-sports (computer gaming) and provide adequate facilities. e-sports will be used to further skills development and participate in local and international competitions

  • Field trips and exposure to real life are also an important part of the extra-curricular program, and serves as an opportunity for integrated learning and contextualisation of content learned in the classroom

  • Community Service-Learning at Future Nation will extend outside the classroom to the involvement by students in community projects

Project Based Learning & More….

Their primary schools are based in Lyndhurst and Fleurhof with Pre-schools in Parkwood, Randburg and Sandton. These private schools have a different learning approach and use the project based learning method in their schools with their pre-schools being Montessori focused.

Out with the old…

And stuffy style of learning. I remember when I was at school…. a VERY long time ago…. how different the style of learning was then. You either conformed or conformity was beaten into you. And I think that’s one of the things that caught my eye about Future Nation School. 

They’re not about conformity, they’re about creating spaces and developing learning techniques that excite and energize children, using visual teaching strategies that will ensure students are engaged. I can’t help feeling like this is the type of school I would have thrived in. I can’t help feeling like Ava, my little fruit loop in a bowl of cheerios, would thrive in. A school that is spearheading the African education revolution by providing a model that is futuristic, technology-enabled and epitomizes excellence in Africa.

Creating the ideal learning environment

As part of the Sifiso Learning Group, they are striving to create the ideal learning environment, develop exceptional teachers and content, and create an entire academic and socio-emotional support structure to ensure every child who comes through their doors receives an optimal learning experience, specifically crafted to individual needs and strengths. Don’t you just love that? Embracing the individual.

The Curriculum

Their curriculum is characterised by student-centred learning, high academic standards, applied research and development, innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship, and African studies.

The Future Nation Schools curriculum is designed to not only meet the minimum state standards, but in addition, incorporates best practice from around the world to supplement these standards with further content and skills. The schools are governed by the CAPS national curriculum guidelines.

But, while the learners write an IEB-based final year exam (aligned to South African independent school standards), the schools firmly believe that the skill set learners require once they enter the “real world” is over and above that which they are tested on in matric. The Future Nation Schools’ curriculum is thus modeled with both the matric exemption pass and the requirements of a successful university student, entrepreneur or business person in mind.

Other notables….

They use fully immersive methods of teaching  and learning which means that students not only use technology to learn, but also design their own projects.

The Pre-Schools

Use the Montessori teaching methods, which means that  they support self-directed, inquiry-based learning that teaches children collaboration, independence and purposeful work. Montessori teachers lead children to ask questions, think for themselves, explore, investigate, and discover. The ultimate objective is to help children to learn independently and to stimulate their natural curiosity, creativity, and intelligence.

Their Ethos…

Includes priding themselves on diversity, employing top academic talent, promoting continuous learning, immersive technology, adhering to strong values and all this is offered in a safe and beautiful learning environment. 

Where to find them…

Future Nation school has campus’s around Jozi which can be found here:

Future Nation Preschools are situated in Lyndhurst, Parkview, Fleurhof, Randburg and Sandton. Future Nation Primary and High Schools in Lyndhurst and Fleurhof are accepting enrolments for for 2018.

Find out more about enrolling your child here:  www.futurenationschools.com 




  • lungile

    February 19, 2018 at 10:40 am

    Dear sizwe Your schools seem a newer type generation schools. There art interesting time’s for our grand children. My question though is when are u starting similar programs in your home ground KZN. My grand daughter will be doing grade 8 next year and I’m in Dbn thank u from lungi gumede 12@ gmail. com

  • Gladys

    August 14, 2018 at 9:06 am

    Hi Sizwe I’m sure that your school can be the solution to my grade 8 boy who is confused right now, I’m in the area of LAWLEY what is the nearest school for him? From Gladys


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