Ava is just shy of 8 weeks old and can you believe it, we’re still getting spoiled rotten and the gifts are still rolling in. On Tuesday I received a package from New Zealand!

Inside were gifts from Janin, who I’ve known since I was about 4 year old. We were next door neighbours, she’s a year younger than me and her sister is a year older than me. We had this weird fence separating the back garden of our houses, it was made from some kind of mould bricks, so you could see through to the other side. We got up to loads of mischief! We were the founding (and only) members of the Blue Jeans Biker gang, our soul aim? To chase the boys of the gum boots gang! We had so much fun, the funniest memory I have of Janin is this: my dad was the founder of the now largest plastics manufacturing company in South Africa, at this time, when I was about 5, they’d just started the first factory. They did injection moulding and a lot of children’s toys, especially things like buckets and spades. We’d play in the yard with the buckets and spades until one day Janin decided she was a soldier and she put the bucket on her head and pulled the handle under her chin, oh dear, the bucket was stuck and after a lot of screaming and crying her mom eventually managed to get it off and we were both given a stern talking to about forcing things onto our heads.

And gifts from Lea! I have never met Lea, we have been reading and offering support on each others blogs for just over a year and a half now, but I have no doubt that if we lived closer together we’d be firm friends. W keeps saying that if/when we get over to NZ, he would really like to meet Lea and her family. Their story is also inspirational and although very different from our infertility journey, there have been many parallels that have brought us close and helped us understand each other.

The gifts are so cute, thank you so much! Ava is one spoiled little girl, just look at all the cool things she got from New Zealand!


Aside from the totally cute dresses, adorable dress up butterfly wings and headband, New Zealand T-shirt adorned with a… guess… sheep and beautiful baby decoration, no gift from New Zealand would be complete with our a sheep right???