I am a very girly girl and I’m having SO much fun having a daughter because I love all things pink and girly girl! I simply can’t seem to stop myself from shopping for Ava, I love all the cute pink things and the adorable clothes they make for little girls. My MIL gets annoyed when I say that the girls things are cuter than the boys things, but hey, thats my opinion. And seriously, you can’t buy cut bows and hats and hair accessories and shoes for boys now can you?

So each morning, I stand in front of Ava’s cupboard and carefully select what she’ll be wearing for the day, especially on the days when we go out. I get such a kick out of people’s reactions to her. I lay her clothes out like a story board each morning before we go out, just like this:

Planned down to the shoes & accessories!

And then, I get the biggest kick out of the finished arrangement:

So pretty in pink!

Her party outfit arrived all the way from Utah in the US. I’ll update with some pics of that very soon! But I’ll just say for now… its to die for doll!