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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due – Mangwanani

mangwananiI’ve been visiting the River Valley branch of Mangwanani about twice a year for the past 10 years and it has always been a treat that I have eagerly looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed… until my last visit there with my bestie in January.

Having trained as a therapist, worked in the industry for 10 years, 2 of which were as a lecturer training new therapists, I am a tough customer to please. I worked in a very high end hotel for a while when I first qualified and had very high end clients, I’m talking about Springbok rugby players, French & English international rugby teams, The Proteas, The Pakistani and West Indian cricket teams, Duran Duran to name but a few. So as I said, I have high expectations and am extremely fussy when it comes to beauty treatments. photo (5) - Copy

But Mangwanani has always lived up to my expectations. I have always enjoyed the day of relaxation and pampering and been able to relax & unwind during treatments, something which is very difficult for most trained therapists to do. So my last visit there had been disappointing, and I felt, not up to scratch, not up to what I’d come to expect from Mangwanani.

photo (7) - Copy

So I emailed them my feedback to them and was so pleasantly surprised by how they chose to handle my complaint. Within 24 hours, I had an emailed response, assuring me that was not how they operated and apologizing for our disappointing day. They also offered us a complimentary  Moonlight Night Spa to make up for our disappointing day.

photo (8)

Last night Elize and I headed off for our complimentary evening at Mangwanani and honestly, I was blown away by the evening. Not sure if the staff were given a heads up that we were there as we’d complained, but the evening was perfect. The weather was amazing, the staff were smiley, friendly and super efficient, the dinner was delicious and we had full body massages, foot treatments and head massages, honestly, all three were so well delivered I’d have a hard time choosing which was my favourite.


On the bus & ready to chillax!

So thank you Mangwanani, for treating me like a loyal client, you have no idea how handling my complaint so efficiently has encouraged my brand loyalty. We will definitely be back.

And if you’ve never been for a day or night to Mangwanani, I’d highly highly recommend you do so!

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