At least that’s what my parents always taught us and  helping where I can and a supporting charity in whatever small way is now just a part of who I am. I have been blessed abundantly and so I do try to give to those who have less than me.

Children & animals are two charities I always support. Even more so now since Hannah’s placement. For those of you who don’t know, under the new child act, all children placed for adoption need to be housed in a place of safety for the duration of the 60 day consent period. Hannah was cared for at House of Thembiso for the duration of her 60 days. After seeing the amazing work that the staff and volunteers at House of Thembiso do, both Walter and I were touched and inspired and they are one of the reasons that I got involved with The Grace Factory and organizing #GraceFactorySocial.

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So you can imagine my reaction when I read their latest blog posting! They have no nappies to supply the more than 30 orphanages and places of safety that they support. I was particularly devastated when I read this:

 I’ve had orphanages tell me that they give their toddlers Rooibos tea instead of milk, to try and let the formula stretch a bit further.  Situations are so severe that sometimes the homes are encouraged to let their toddlers walk around outside without nappies, as the nappies are to be used at night only.

I was immediately moved to action and started tweeting and sharing on Face Book, but of course, no amount of tweeting, sharing and blogging about this issue will magically provide the nappies and formula that The Grace Factory needs to supply these homes.

So what can I *read we* do to help? Perhaps it’s time for Tanya and I to put our heads together and come up with a new #GraceFactorySocial or a #GraceFactoryNappieDrive? What say you?

In the mean time, if you can help with a donation, please do so! If you’d like to donate actual nappies and have no way of getting it to The Grace Factory, please drop me an email and I will gladly assist.

I know you’re asking yourself what can you do that would make a difference, but if each of us donated R50 imagine the impact? Your R50 may seem insignificant but the combined effort, as with #GraceFactorySocial is MASSIVE! Your one packet of nappies, going into the collective does and WILL make a difference.

Lets do this!