My father started his business when I was still in junior school. He had one of the most successful, and at the time, innovative business ideas in the early 1980’s. With his previous experience in plastic manufacturing, he started an industrial plastics recycling business. As a child, I was always fascinated by how these tiny pellets of ground up soda bottles and what not, could be re-manufactured into something useful and functional, instead of filling up a land fill. 


That’s where my interest in recycling was born.

My husband calls me “Green Peace” because I have always been very aware of how our lifestyles impact our environment and I’m even more aware now as a mother, what the world will be like when I’m dead and gone. What will be left for my children and their children? He thinks it’s ridiculous, but I see it as essential. I don’t care if the efforts I make seem like a drop in the ocean. If everyone took responsibility to make one small change to make an impact on the environment, we could all make a difference together.

So I recycle!

We have separate bins at home, one for paper and cardboard, one for plastic and then I store all our glass products in a crate. I empty this into a glass recycling bank at our local shopping center. Maybe it is a drop in the ocean, but when I compare the impact this small act has on our waste at home, I know I’m making a difference. 

But it’s so much more than just an environmental impact.

Because recycling also empowers and creates jobs, and in a country with soaring unemployment figures and poverty statistics, we all have a responsibility to find and make a difference in some way.

The Glass Recycling Company alone, has created 50 000 income opportunities since its inception in 2005! But that’s not all, with their drive to recycle and the installation of their glass recycling banks at local shopping centers and petrol stations, they have increased glass recycling from a measly 18% to 41.6% in just 11 years! 

That equates to 8 out of 10 glass bottles being diverted from landfills! And I believe that my small effort to recycle plays a part in that amazing statistic. 

But with you, it could be even better!

So, I’ve taken their December challenge and now I’m challenging you! 

It’s easy!

All you need to do is store all your glass and dump it in a glass recycling bank near you. Let’s do this for the month of December, starting now, and compare who recycled the most glass at the end of the month!

There are over 4000 glass banks for recycling spread across South Africa. You can find the full list and your nearest one here!



So are you in? Will you take the challenge with me?

This post is sponsored by The Glass Recycling Company