And what a weird start it was to. Got to the clinic this am, all prepared for my CD2 scan (lovely) and my progesterone and oestrogen blood tests.  All ready to leave carrying a carrier bag loaded with injecatbles. But typically, as with all things fertility, things did not pan out the way I anticipated.

I did not get to leave the clinic with a giant bag over flowing with injectables. Instead, I was asked to report back to the clinic tomorrow at 7am for the first of my Intralipid Infusions! :-0

See, when last Dr G and I’d discussed treatment for NKC, I was freaking relieved to hear that I wouldn’t require IVIg that I made the stupid assumption that the replacement treatment, Intralipids, which I was told is a soy protein, would be a pill. Ha! You know what they say about assumptions??? So I’ve had to do a mad dash scramble this am to contact our MD, let him know I won’t be in tomorrow morning and then contact some of my clients and reschedule all my meetings I had planned for tomorrow. Because tomorrow morning at 7am I shall be admitted to VL’s day ward for a 4 hour transfusion of Intralipids.

Lord, this all better be so worth it when its over and done.