My best friend, Sam, received news of a negative GIFT this week. The same day she went to the airport to fetch her Dad’s ashes after his passing earlier this year. She is, understandably, devastated, as are many of us who love her and are rooting for her. We had a long discussion yesterday afternoon about it all and about God in all of it. Sam is deeply spiritual and has a strong bond with God. But she is angry with him over the failure of her GIFT and of the difficult circumstances she’s been in over the past couple of months. She feels abandoned and ignored by Him.  I recall feeling that same anger, feeling as if I was ignored by Him when our FET resulted in our 7th miscarriage last year, so I can completely relate to how she’s feeling at the moment.

A fellow blogger, Niki,  just found out that her husband has incurable, untreatable cancer with “not long” as his diagnosis.

All of these situations make one wonder where God is in all of this? The eternal question of why bad things happen to good people? I don’t know how to answer that. I never have, its all so confusing and so conflicting. Then yesterday I received a beautiful email from support forum friend who reads my blog and I think she answered the question perfectly, for me anyway, its help make sense of the whole good things to bad people and bad things to good people:

I have many friends that have had atrocious things happen to them and no, it
is never God’s plan for us to suffer but the reality is that we live in a
fallen world and bad stuff happens to good people. God’s challenge to us is
how we react to the bad situation and through our faith and the support of
God and other Christians we are then able to turn an awful situation into a
positive experience. Friends whose child was stillborn that have now started
a support group for other parents in a similar situation, Maritza and Tertia
that started Fertilicare / wrote So Close that has been such a source of
information and support to others suffering with infertility. The list is
just endless.There’s a verse in Romans * vs 28 “And we know that in all
things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called
according to his purpose. I’ll write what my Bible says about this verse:
God works in “all things” – not just isolated incidents – for our good. This
does not mean that all that happens to us is good. Evil is prevalent in our
fallen world, but God is able to turn every circumstance around for our
long-range good. Note that God is not working to make us happy, but to
fulfil his purpose.

I love that paragraph. I think Katherine has explained so perfectly what we all grapple with daily when we see such bad things happenig that just don’t seem to make any sense. Of course, it does not take away our anger or our pain to know this, but for me at least, this paragraph has helped me to understand something I have long since struggled with.

There is so much suffering in the world today, its hard not to ask where is God in all of it, to not be saddened and brought to tears by the suffering we see around us.

Please will you take the time to go and offer support and not the voyeuristic type, but real support to these two amazing women who are facing such terrible trials and heartache.