I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. The thing is, I miss the interaction of the blogging community that one has when ones blog is open. With a private blog, I can’t participate in ICLW or be on Stirrup Queen’s Blog Roll, which definitely increased traffic to ones blog and the increased traffic includes increased participation and increased participation leads to increased conversation.

Having said that, the reason’s why I went private are still pretty valid, I went back and read the first posting I did on this private blog, and everything I’ve said there still stands.

For starters, because of the sensitive nature of adoption, I didn’t want my blog searchable using my daughter’s name, which as the old Mindful Meandering it was. If you googled Ava Grace previously, top of the list of search results was Mindful Meandering, which made me uncomfortable. Now that my blog is hosted by WordPress I can switch off that functionality and being WordPress hosted does slow down the number of random hits.

Secondly, I started getting a bit of troll activity after Ava was born, something I did not and still do not wish to deal with but my thinking is that the people who were trolling my old blog have hopefully moved on.

And lastly the relationship’s that caused me the most hurt during the difficult few months after Ava’s birth have been well and truly left in the past and I no longer care whether “certain ppl” read my blog or not, talk about me or not, whatever, I’ve closed the cellar door on all that is ugly and not worth carrying with me.

So ja, if I’ve popped up in your blog readers now you know why! And to all my friends who stuck by me during the covert months of my private blog, thank you for the support during the difficult transition to motherhood, for understanding that I was so overwhelmed and overwrought that I had nothing to offer in terms of returned support, but for sticking by my anyway!