All Good Things Come To An End, Even Holidays!

So we’re back from holiday and while we had the most incredible time and it all went by way too quickly, in so many ways, it feels like I never even really left.

The past 12 days passed by in a blur of family get togethers…..


And catch up’s and dinners with friends, even some of my favorite Cape Town bloggers….

Cape Town Bloggers Dinner

A visit up Table Mountain, which was disappointing but I was so impressed with the Cable Car’s social media team. They dealt with our complaint and gave us a refund after there was a technical issue with payment for their kids holiday special.

Table Mountain

Table Mountain visit

We also popped in at Butterfly World, which my girls just adored.

Butterfly World

Butterfly WorldBut I will say, I think my favorite spot to visit and we enjoyed it so much, we went there twice was the Spice Route.  What a fabulous place, kid friendly, with tons to do, beautiful and reasonably priced too!

Spice Route

Spice Route

I especially loved the chocolate tasting at the Spice Route.

Chocolate Tasting Spice Route

And the pizza restaurant there has some of the best pizza’s I’ve ever eaten!

Pizza at the Spice Route

We also had amazing weather while we were there. Go figure, Cape Town in July, you’d expect that it was freezing and raining but we even got a couple of visits to the beach in before heading home.


And Hannah declared the sand just like snow.


And Ava, the lunatic, enjoyed getting dumped by a wave and then deciding she was already wet, so she may as well swim (in her clothes) anyway, someone needs to explain to this child the concept of FREEZING!


Of course, the were a few fail moments too, like the long drive out to that Matroosburg, only to discover that we’d need a 4×4 to get anywhere near the snow. Or the time that Hannah decided to check the child lock on her door and she yanked the door open while we were travelling at 120km per hour (my heart) and the unscheduled stop we made at a “farm butchery” only to discover is was an abattoir that had me gagging into my scarf and with so much sheep shit sprayed under my mom’s car, we had to get the car washed….. twice ….. in one day to get rid of the farm fresh stench that followed us around after that.

It was  fantastic holiday, really just what I needed, the rest and the break before the grueling push towards the end of the year. We had a lot of fun, we hung out with some of our favorite people, we ate too much, we drank too much and mostly I’m terrified of what my scale is going to tell me when I pluck up the courage to stand on it.

But of course, saying goodbye is never easy and there was a lot of tears when the time came to leave.

Girls with their granny

Till we see you again Cape Town…. stay fabulous!


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