Have I mentioned what a spoiled little girl Ava is? I’m pretty sure I have, but in case you’re reading for the first time, let me categorically state, our little sausage is a very spoiled little poppet.  Since Ava’s arrival,  people from all over have been so touched by our story, by Ava’s miraculous arrival in our lives that we have been so spoiled and so blessed by those that know us and by those that don’t! I’m still in awe of people’s kindness and generosity! And I was surprised again this week…..

I went to our post office box to collect our mail and received notification of a package, when I collected the package I noted that it was all the way from Australia and the name on the return address was unfamiliar to me. I raced home and excitedly ripped open the packaging, to discover that the package had come from my special online friend, Sassycupcakes & her husband T-Rex, Sassycupcakes, thank you so much for the wonderful surprise and for the cool gifts.

Inside the packaging were two of the coolest things, both of which have been used in excess since arriving earlier this week.

The first was an ITZBEEN, which is so cool because of the problems we’ve been having with Ava’s daytime sleep routine, its really helped me to monitor how much sleep she’s actually getting. I’ve set up all the alarms on it and its really a useful reminder tool.

The second was a hug-a-bug. I’ve been using it over the weekend and its SO comfortable. I do have a Baby Sense sling, but find it quite bulky and I still feel like I need to hold onto Ava when she’s in it, its not really 100% hands free, well not for me anyway and it makes my back sore. The hug-a-bub is much more comfortable and its totally hands free. During the difficult days I pop her in it and can still carry on with whatever it is I need to get done. W took a shot of me this am wearing our hug-a-bub (in my PJ’s with greasy hair, so excuse how attractive I look)


Sassycupcakes, to you and T-Rex thank you for the lovely gift and for your generosity towards our little miracle – much love!