This time next week we will be in the final stretch of packing up the house we’ve called home for the past two years and moving to what is essentially our dream home. We’ve been renting for the past two years as we had horribly outgrown our previous house but weren’t ready to commit to another house purchase until we were certain of where our girls were going to attend school. With that dilemma resolved, we bought our dream home after spending a few months looking towards the end of last year.

As part of the process of getting organized, I’ve been working hard at de-babying our house. Hannah is one already, there is no longer any need for walking rings (gasp yes) and walkers, baby rattles, a million bottles or sterilizers, hooded towels and tiny blankets. Those days are over. But what to do with all the baby goods? 

I chose to donate almost all our stuff to The Grace Factory, who collect unwanted, used baby goods and donations from around Gauteng and the Vaal Triangle and distributes them where there is a need to other NPO’s like orphanages and children’s homes.

I was so touched when Amy from The Grace Factory sent me some images of our donations being packed and sent for good use.


These are Hannah’s baby toys which are being used for The Grace Factory’s Bless A Baby Initiative.


Ava & Hannah’s walking ring, also used by Nicki’s Mika was sent to HOMAC – they provide care & shelter for young mothers and HIV + babies and children.


Ava & Hannah’s walker, which was also used by Sian’s Jayden, was sent to the Alex AIDS Orphan Project.

It has really warmed my heart to see all our baby goods being put to good use and to know that they’re going to be a blessing for another mother and child.

Amy, from The Grace Factory is quite a power house. She has set herself a mammoth target of ensuring that by 2016, every baby born in an SA gov clinic or hospital receives a maternity pack.

They’re currently in desperate need of donations for the maternity packs, both monetary donations and product donations. Here are some of Amy’s suggestions on how to reach the targeted 500 maternity packs:

  • BEG any form of doctor, nurse, paediatrician etc. for samples (think bennets bum cream, think J&J top to toe, Think Baby oil etc.)
  • Think of contacts you know, we need 500 blankets and if we can get 10 companies (think naartjie, PnP, clicks, woollies etc.) to sponsor 50 each that’ll be GREAT. TGF has blankets, but not 500 just yet….
  • Ask your friends for their old newborns or 0-3 months WINTER clothes. TGF has 500 outfits, but the more we get, the more we put into each pack
  • Ask people to buy sound of music tickets.
  • Beg moms of newborn kids to give you any of their things they don’t use (wet wipes unused, bags of nappies they bought they didn’t use, clothes, blankets etc.)

If you can help in anyway, please get in touch with The Grace Factory.


Telephone    074 637 8603

You can also make cash donations to the following account:

Bank Account Details

Investec Bank Limited

Branch Code 58 01 05

Current Account

Account Number 10011575554

Other ways you can help:

The Grace Factory will happily accept any of the following items:

  • New or used baby clothes (only gently soiled accepted)
  • New or used baby blankets
  • New or used baby bottles
  • Dummies
  • New or used baby toys
  • Nappies (size 1 – size 5)
  • Formula (NAN, Pelargon, Infacare)
  • Bum cream
  • Vaseline
  • Baby soap
  • Wetwipes
  • Baby food (purity 1,2,3 and baby cereal)
  • Baby medication (panado, nystacid, teething gel etc.)
  • Cash donations are accepted as well

You can also help by doing the following:

  • Follow us on twitter @GraceFactoryZA
  • Like us on Facebook The Grace Factory
  • Get a my school card and nominate us as your beneficiary of choice
  • Buy a sound of music ticket here
  • Tell your friends about us
  • Host a bin, email us at

Can you help???